The Flying Beetroot: Beware of Canoes

Canadians have their moose crossings, Americans have to watch out for deer crossing the road and people in Thailand probably have elephants crossing their paths but here in this town, it’s the canoes you have to watch out for. Unpredictable, temperamental buggers they are, too.

Canoes Crossing

The things a person has to take into account when undertaking a running challenge….

Now, let’s put on a little running music while I update you on the Flying Beetroot‘s exploits, shall we? I love this one. I could run a marathon with this song on loop, I reckon.

“Forget And Not Slow Down” – Relient K


On Tuesday, I reasoned that I didn’t need to get up early because even if I got called into work, I could run after school as nobody had commitments. Well, I did have to work. And it was a 30ºC day. Running in the heat after a full day of work was Not Fun. Lesson One: Get your ass…cough…assorted limbs out of bed early and run in the morning.

I’ve already stated that I love a spreadsheet. It’s very motivating and satisfying. Except on Thursday when the alarm went off at 6am and I knew I had to get up and run 5km before work. “Bloody spreadsheet,” I thought. I still went. And I enjoyed it. Lesson Two: Get out there even when you don’t feel like it. It will Be Fun.

Thank heavens the longer 10km run was Sunday. Plenty of time to fit that one in whenever I felt like it. That turned out to be about lunchtime. Mainly because I was hanging about here in the blogosphere, procrastinating about going all morning. Lesson Three: Go back to Lesson Two.

So here’s the spreadsheet with its little green boxes. I’m into the minimalist look. It has a simple colour scheme. Green means I did it, Red means I didn’t, Yellow means I tried to do it but didn’t manage the distance. There will be no Red or Yellow. The Flying Beetroot has spoken.

Training runs 2

I’ve also started recording my runs on an app but I’m not making the results public yet. I’m not exactly breaking any land speed records at the moment (it’s less The Flying Beetroot and more The Ambling Beetroot) but my current focus is on achieving the distances. Speed can develop once a 10km run feels like a jog around the block and not [insert time here] minutes of torture.

Thanks for joining me on the run. Watch out for those canoes.

The Flying Beetroot Meets The Canoes

The Flying Beetroot encounters a herd of canoes.



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25 thoughts on “The Flying Beetroot: Beware of Canoes

  1. OMG I thought I was the only spreadsheet nerd around the blogosphere and now it appears I am following two Antipodeans who also use them to record ‘stuff’. So my question is, near to which river do you live?

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  2. I hate you for being able to do these wonderful illustrations to accompany your posts, H !
    Well, OK: I don’t. In fact, I’m impressed by yer tenacity. But SPEED ? – is that actually a factor, here ???
    Look what Barbara has just said: I’m pissing myself that you have achieved a reputation for insanity – ain’t it FUN ???!!!
    Complimenti bella !!!


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