A Jack of All Trades:

Aspiring astrophysicist, mathematician, gymnast, singer, fencer, car parts press operator, tutor, pianist, telephone customer service officer, harmonica player, technical writer, traveller, sailor, au pair, guitarist, office secretary, flautist, trekker, IT consultant, songwriter, runner, author, teacher, actor, banjo player, preacher, rower, receptionist, ukulist ukuleleist ukist ukulele player, school builder and blogger.

On a search for the one thing I can master…



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81 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for the follow! Have been to your site a few times now and have signed up to follow you too! Love your pix and your posts!~


  2. Our paths will definitely cross on this search for the holy grail, H … Though you post-date me by roughly half a century, you are I are kindred spirits. You poor bastard ! [grin]


  3. I’m over here from M-R’s blog. Pleased to meet ya! I’m giving you a follow because as you say, I might learn new stuff. New stuff is always welcome. Come vist – the door is always unlocked.


  4. Also visiting from M-R’s place and well done with replicating the boxes. I wouldn’t even attempt it. Interesting you are having your anniversary in two weeks and couldn’t wait. I’m having mine in two days and couldn’t wait to do the post to celebrate. Look forward to reading some more of your posts. Cheers Irene


  5. I love your posts and I am awarding you the Lovely Blogger award. It’s an easy one and I hope you’ll take time to complete it. I’d really be interested in learning 7 new facts about you and I think the rest of the blogosphere would too! Info is on my Awards Page along with the award for you to copy and put on your own site.


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  7. Hello Master of Something. M-R sent me to wish you Happy Birthday. 🙂 Happy Birthday 🙂 Whew, alright ….now that I’ve done that, Happy B’day from a fellow October B’day person. I gotta say, I love your list of trades.


  8. Happy Belated Birthday. Thanks for visiting my site and for commenting “from over there from Maggie’s blog.” There are more blogger Zombie fans than I ever imagined. Got to think up a group thought for all of us. And of course there’s a blog coming! I like your Jack of All Trades blog site. Looking forward to reading some posts.


    • Thanks Christine! I’m looking forward to catching up with your stories.
      PS You might want to search for zombie on my blog – there’s a very useful recipe for when the zombie apocalypse comes (inspired by Maggie, I might add). 😀


  9. 1) Despite all our communication last night, I never said “Thank you” for the Follow on The Last Half. Thank you! I am so pleased to have a such an accomplished, smart-arse person join us all over there : )

    4) I REALLY like the way your menu looks and works! Attractive, user-friendly.

    It is the way I’ve been trying lately to get mine to work (the current categorizing was a pre-step) but I’ve been failing, going at it all wrong. Your astrophysicist-mathematician mind probably did it in the time it took you to upload the images and cut’n’paste the links.

    Whereas I need more twerking time, or to swallow my pride to ask for help and/or search forums–so stubborn! Tired of those WP.org and paid-site folk hogging up the airtime any time I look sump’in up with non-vanilla solves that do squat for we po’ ‘n’ low WP.com free-only folk.

    Oops–Did I just egocentrically rant all over YOUR lovely About page?

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  10. It was NOT stolen: I was thrilled to death when you decided to use the idea, as you know very well !!! [M-R wags finger]
    And I have told you privately why I don’t use it any more; that is not for broadcast.
    U R being difficult. I can see I’m going to have to dock your wages …

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  12. I’m also in search of something I’m really good at. Have yet to find it …

    I’m coming here from «Adjusting my Background» … I’m not good at blogging either, but I do it anyways, in spite of what others might think of it.

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    • The “aspiring” is supposed to attach itself only to “astrophysicist”. All the other things I’ve actually done. Yes, including pressing out car parts. Must admit the man in the recruiting office did look at me funny when I filled in my highest qualification as “Bachelor of Science, Monash University”. But a job’s a job, right?
      Ditto. Well, I mean thanks for following me, not ZimmerBitch. That would be weird. But who am I to judge?

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      • I almost had a job like that once. My father fixed me up with a job in Naval Stores (and was incredibly pissed off when I declined it). The thought of clocking in every day on one of those big green machines was just too much. Then I realised that my dad had been doing that all his working life.

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  13. Hey Heather, It’s great to meet you! You’re like 10 talented women rolled into one! After reading all the things you’ve mastered, I had to try my hand at making my own list. The funniest memory was that I washed house trailers as a teenager to earn some college money, but I can’t say I mastered it. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by our blog via Sue’s refugee post. So looking forward to reading more of your posts. All the best, Terri

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    • Oh, I haven’t mastered any of them. Which is kind of the point. Still looking for the one thing I can master. 🙂
      You washed house trailers? (I assume that translates into ‘caravans’ for we alternative English speakers.) That’s a fun fact! Did you have a hose, a ladder or are you exceptionally tall?


  14. I think I better just “follow” your blog, or I’ll never leave it. I’ve already spent waaaay longer than I intended this a.m. So now I’m following; and I’m going to say ‘good bye for the moment’ . . . . in a moment . . . Love a lot of the concepts, here – navigation tools, discussions, learning stuff, things like that. And, 3 boys! What fun! Reminds me of how much I’ve unexpectedly really loved the mom-part of life. I blog about whooping crane families (yes, really!) . . . for now.

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  15. I so love the title of your blog Heather.…perhaps life is better lived when you are a jack of many trades than a master of one. Never a dull moment. For example, your first one, astrophysicist, got me thinking. My love of astrophysics started outside of the classroom, after I had failed to master that science as a student. Once the grades no longer mattered, I could just say ‘Wow’ reading all the books and attending ‘Science Cafes’ in New York as a ‘Physics Groupie’. I’ll never be a master astrophysicist, but I will always smile when I think of seeing Neil deGrasse Tyson, dressed as Morpheus, lecture on the ‘Physics of the Matrix’. I was in heaven.

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    • Oh, Lisa! You gave me a hot flush with that last bit of your comment! Neil deGrasse Tyson, dressed as Morpheus, explaining the ‘Physics of the Matrix’??? Oh, my goodness! I’d give anything to have been there! 😀

      Yes, as much as a part of me would love to be really, really good at something, just one thing, another part of me rationally realises that not having a singular talent or skill has meant I’ve tried all sorts of things that perhaps I may not have done otherwise. Life is never boring, that’s for sure. 🙂

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  16. Great to meet you and I’m looking forward to exploring your blog further. I just read your comment about Lorne and Erskine Falls which really resonated with me and drew me here. Cheers!

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  17. Hah! I knew I´m going to find you one day 😀 With all those skills you can only be The Doctor … But which one? Thanks for your nice blog, you´ve just got a new follower 🙂 Best regards, Davina

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