See A Gauntlet, Pick It Up…

…and all day long you’ll wonder what you were thinking.

The problem with writing a blog is that it can give people ideas.

Like the friend who, after reading my posts about returning to running, decided to issue me with the challenge to enter our local half marathon event next April. Sigh. She knows I can’t resist a challenge.

I’ve never run in a fun run. Ever. Not even a 3km stroll in the park. But, you know, why muck about with piddling little distances?

So training has begunΒ in earnest rather than in the haphazard, hope-for-the-best nature I usually do things.

Runner Me

I was wondering if I were to give myself a running nickname, it might give me further motivation, don’t you think? Emil ZΓ‘topek was the ‘Czech Locomotive’, Marjorie Jackson the ‘Lithgow Flash’, Usain Bolt is the ‘Lightning Bolt’ and Eric Liddle was the ‘Flying Scotsman’.

I was thinking about what name I might choose when I looked in the mirror after a 5km run on a warm afternoon. And there it was. Behold! The Flying Beetroot!

The Flying Beetroot

The Flying Beetroot

To help me keep on track, I asked another friend to give me some training guidance. She sent me a spreadsheet. Sigh. I can’t resist a spreadsheet. I suspect she knows that. A non-checked-off spreadsheet can send me into a nervous breakdown so she knows I’ll stick to the training plan.

Here’s what my future holds:

Training runs

All those boxes with distances in them have to turn green.

I love that she expects me to run 9km on Christmas Day. She probably knows I will, too, just to prove I can.

ButΒ if all else fails, I suspect I will cross that finish line anyway through sheer bloody-mindedness.

And they know that, too.



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33 thoughts on “See A Gauntlet, Pick It Up…

  1. You’re awesome, Beetroot! I could be issued the challenge AND the spreadsheet and would still be found on the sofa wiping toast crumbs off my chin. So I submit there’s the blood of a champion flowing through your veins. Did M-R do that spreadsheet? If not, we know she’ll love it anyway.

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    • I think it’s just the blood of a very stubborn person. I appear to have an almost pathological need to prove I can do things. Mostly to myself.
      Spreadsheet was done by my marathon-running-personal-training-former-Trailwalker-teammate friend who kind of knows what she’s talking about.
      Oh yes, M-R and I are as one on the importance of a good spreadsheet to keep you motivated. πŸ˜€

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  2. How funny you are….the Flying Beetroot! I can see the comic books, movies, and stuffed toys now……the world’s newest superhero arrives on the scene! In my case, I’m afraid it would be the Non-Flying, Just-Beat Root.

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  3. But this is marvellous, H ! – not only the challenge, and the total impossibility of its being failed once accepted, but The Flying Beetroot,as well ! πŸ˜€ I’m jealous: I never thought of a nom de nym.
    So here we are conjoined again, eh ? – challenges lined up, mulled over and faced down. All those adverbs !!! [grin]
    AND with spreadsheets !
    We know we shall overcome; so here we go, hand in hand towards the sunrise. Good luck to us !

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  4. AWESOME!!!

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you are going to rock this challenge!!! πŸ™‚

    The moniker though – I’m not so fond. Really? Beets bleed. Sweating blood is a bad thing.
    How about something more along the line of the Scarlet Flash? or Scarlet of Oz? or The Flaming Gazelle? πŸ™‚


    • I think it’s also rather Australian. What’s an Aussie hamburger without beetroot?
      There will be updates but probably not weekly. I mean, it’s just “I went running some more” really. But I’m sure the Flying Beetroot will have some stories to tell.
      Thanks, Irene. πŸ™‚

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  5. The flying beetroot does have a ring to it. I think you’re brave even contemplating such a schedule. Well done for even thinking about it!
    Shall be interested to see how the spread sheet develops, maybe you need different colours to represent different things… ?


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