It’s A… No, Wait, It’s A…

Sherlock Holmes had his pipe. Dorothy had her red shoes. Batman had his Batmobile. If we asked your friends what object they most immediately associate with you, what would they answer?


I don’t smoke, so it’s never going to be a pipe, or a fat cigar, or a cigarette in the world’s longest cigarette holder. I do wear hats, though, so if it had said “Sherlock Holmes had his deerstalker”, I could do a comparison.

I don’t own red shoes and certainly nothing like the sort Dorothy wore. I’m not into the sparkly slipper thing. I do have pink ones and green ones and chequered ones and striped ones. Chuck Taylors –  I could be known for those.

I’d love a Batmobile. Well, you know, without the bats. I have had a succession of notable-coloured cars in recent years, though, so maybe people go “There she is in her bright blue / apple green / purple / orange car”.

What object would friends immediately associate with me?

A glass of wine?

No, wait, a cup of coffee.

Oh, a geeky t-shirt! Or a social justice one?

Jeans. I do wear a lot of jeans. But then, given my latest proclivities, maybe it’s now inexplicable dresses?

I’m never far away from a smartphone or computer but then who is these days? It’s hardly distinctive.

Maybe music. But in what way? Piano? Guitar? Banjo? Nah, I don’t even know how to play them properly. I doubt that’s it.


Boys. I do have a lot of those. My life is dominated by them.

Surely not.



Nope. I give up. What object would friends immediately associate with me? I’ve no idea.

I’m a Jack of All Objects.


Jack of All Objects



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18 thoughts on “It’s A… No, Wait, It’s A…

  1. You do seem to have a really hard time defining yourself. It also seems like the superhero thing is taking you in many directions! 🙂 I wonder how different things would be if you’d had a house of girls there instead of boys for all these years, huh? Anyway, I’d rather be multifaceted than just one-dimensional, you know? Am thinking you’re just fine, Jack of All Objects!


  2. Your trio are all into Doctor Who ! – how INTELLIGENT of them ! Are you ? Is your husband ? Are you, like I, awaiting the Peter Capaldi version with bated breath ?
    Enough of that: I compliment you on this post, wherein you have managed without any trouble at all to re-state your self-definition and enhance it !!!


    • Oh, yes, yes and yes!! Me since I was old enough to watch it (I came in at Jon Pertwee). Husband only recent convert under peer pressure from four Whovians in the house. Boys are keeping me up to date with trailers and screening dates. 🙂
      And, thanks. I was speaking to a friend about this post today and she looked at me and said, “You’re right. I can’t think of one single object to associate with you. There are too many.” So it’s not just me.


  3. My pick: Oxfam shopping bag, coffee, (Oxfam Fair Trade coffee, in fact), wine, justice, (and Wine Justice for that matter), pirates, Winged Unicorns, data projectors and red heads….lots of red heads…



    • Oh, Christine, I think you are the first to comment on that. I am inordinately pleased!
      Ditto. I am looking forward to rambling unencumbered around your blog once I have divested myself of some of the male offspring for the evening.


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