Dropping Bombs and Throwing Grenades

via Daily Prompt: Detonate

Yesterday I wrote a post about being someone who always instinctively wants to help people. I call it the ‘servant gene‘.

Someone left the following comment on my post:

servant blog comment

I had to read it several times to be sure it was saying what I thought it was saying. Is it just me or is this person accusing me of bragging about having a servant gene and that I think I’m better than everyone else because of it?

It upset me. A lot. Because one of the key things about those with a very active servant gene is that they never think they’re superior to anyone.

I started going over my post.¬†Was it braggy? Did I sound like I was making out I was better than other people? Admittedly, I’d ended with the comment that those with servant genes are an important part of the community but it had actually taken a lot of effort to include that. If it sounded like I was putting myself above other people, I hadn’t meant it.

I’d never seen this person on my blog before so I clicked through to their blog to try and understand where they were coming from. There was nothing there. It’s a nothing blog. They just have a profile.

So this person just came by and threw a grenade at my house before driving away.


What is it with these people?

You see it too often these days on Facebook posts and online newspaper articles and the like. People say whatever they want, often inflammatory, and then disappear. Drop a nasty bomb and take cover.

If I had presented what was in my blog post as a speech somewhere, I’d be willing to bet that person would never have come up to me afterwards and made that comment to my face.

I just wish people would have a little common decency and stop detonating bombs wherever they feel like it. Not all of us are bulletproof.

Postscript: Amazingly, I’d already considered writing a follow up post about how much this comment had upset me and then the Daily Prompt landed in my inbox. It seemed meant to be.

Post-postscript: I feel better now. ūüėČ



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All Manner Of Verbs And All Verbs Of Manner

I love these writing prompts that ask me to define myself in some way. Makes me laugh out loud.

To be, to have, to think, to move Рwhich of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? РDaily Prompt, Part A

Hm. Which of those verbs do I connect to?

All of them. Natch.

For example, today:

I had a blood donation appointment and the offspring had a movie-making afternoon so I had to be a donor and a taxi. Also house cleaner, cook, washerwoman, blah blah blah, daily grind.

Despite the fact that I am prone to getting kicked out of the Blood Bank and put on 6 months’ suspension because of low iron levels, I went for a run this morning. With Spring very much in the air, I had to¬†move.¬†And hang the consequences. (It’s okay, I passed my haemoglobin test. Almost failed the blood pressure test but that’s an issue for another day.)

Then I had a planning meeting where I got to think about creative ways to express an idea, something to which I am rather partial.

I’m not big on the¬†have –¬†I don’t need to have things. [She says as she tries to ignore the piano, guitar, banjo and ukulele sitting in the corner.] Okay, so maybe a bit.

Or is there another verb that characterizes you better? – Daily Prompt, Part B

To pursue? (New things) To¬†invent? (New Mes) To¬†pretend? (I know what I’m doing)

To decide. That, like everything else about me, there is no one thing.

A Jack of All Verbs.

Verb Cloud



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It’s A… No, Wait, It’s A…

Sherlock Holmes had his pipe. Dorothy had her red shoes. Batman had his Batmobile. If we asked your friends what object they most immediately associate with you, what would they answer?


I don’t smoke, so it’s never going to be a pipe, or a fat cigar, or a cigarette in the world’s longest cigarette holder. I do wear hats, though, so if it had said “Sherlock Holmes had his deerstalker”, I could do a comparison.

I don’t own red shoes and certainly nothing like the sort Dorothy wore. I’m not into the sparkly slipper thing. I do have pink ones and green ones and chequered ones and striped ones. Chuck Taylors – ¬†I could be known for those.

I’d love a Batmobile. Well, you know, without the bats. I have had a succession of notable-coloured cars in recent years, though, so maybe people go “There she is in her bright blue / apple green / purple / orange car”.

What object would friends immediately associate with me?

A glass of wine?

No, wait, a cup of coffee.

Oh, a geeky t-shirt! Or a social justice one?

Jeans. I do wear a lot of jeans. But then, given my latest proclivities, maybe it’s now inexplicable dresses?

I’m never far away from a smartphone or computer but then who is these days? It’s hardly distinctive.

Maybe music. But in what way? Piano? Guitar? Banjo? Nah, I don’t even know how to play them properly. I doubt that’s it.


Boys. I do have a lot of those. My life is dominated by them.

Surely not.



Nope. I give up. What object would friends immediately associate with me? I’ve no idea.

I’m a Jack of All Objects.


Jack of All Objects



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