Double Donut Days

I love a donut.

Hot jam donuts, iced donuts (chocolate or strawberry for preference), cinnamon donuts from the supermarket or fancy donuts from an artisan bakery, I love them all.

A friend and I still wistfully reminisce about the enormous chocolate donuts from the cafeteria under the science library at university. On a visit many years later to an Open Day with one of my children, I was devastated to discover not only no donuts but no cafeteria. I’m not sure I ever got over the loss.

I was thrilled to discover that an abandoned Hungry Jack’s site near my home had been turned into a Daniel’s Donuts. Heaven around the corner…

Recently, a new phrase has entered the local lexicon – Double Donut Day.

It’s not when you buy a six-pack from Daniel’s and because there’s only five people in your family, you get to eat two but it’s almost as exciting.

Facebook: Daniel’s Donuts

Double Donut Day here means zero=0=๐Ÿฉ COVID-19 deaths and zero=0=๐Ÿฉ COVID-19 new cases. We love our double donut days.

Today we recorded our 11th Double Donut Day in a row.

Now, that’s worth a donut! Or two.

30 thoughts on “Double Donut Days

  1. Double Donut days are definitely a good thing in Melbourne right now. After months of staying in, I think we all deserve it.

    On the subject of food and donuts, I like donuts too. I’m not too keen on jam donuts but don’t mind any other donuts. Cinnamon is probably my favorite, alongside chocolate glazed donuts. Years ago I would have a donut for breakfast. Before work I’d go to a donut shop, grab a nice-looking donut and bring it to the office and everyone would ogle over it. Those were the days ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Oh, no I cannot believe you call them donuts! You Aussies are becoming more Americanised every day. But I like the fact that you have 0 deaths and 0 infections. [ hangs head in despair… ๐Ÿ˜ท]

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  3. I thought it was fun for the health officials to dub your covid free days double donuts! It’s time we had some light hearted fun, after what you’ve all been through in Victoria. Let’s hope the double donut days become so frequent they don’t need comment any more.

    As for real donuts, I recently discovered Krispy Kreme! Oh my…

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  4. Oh how I wish we had any double donut days. Don’t know when that will happen with all of the Covidiots in this country, but perhaps in this new year, we’ll see a change. In the mesntime, you have me wanting a nut-covered pershing, fluffy vanilla frosting, like the one I used to buy at a local gas station. Yum!

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