Pandemic Survival Answers


There are some mysteries, wonderings or questions to be answered so here’s an update:

RE: Pandemic Survival 7: Reality Bites

I am pleased and relieved to advise that the Youngest Son has tested negative for COVID-19. He still has to see out his quarantine for a few more days but the spectre of illness has left the building. And I can go back to work. Although not in quarantine myself, because of the vulnerabilities of the kids I teach, it was deemed best I stay away until we knew if the Youngest Son was infected. Unfortunately as a casual, no work = no pay, so I’m doubly relieved for a negative outcome. Or a positive outcome in a negative way…. Or a negative outcome in a positive way…. Or something….


RE: Pandemic Survival 6: Pubbing on the Couch

Thank you to those who attempted to locate this blogger in a sea of 1500 faces in Pub Choir’s latest video. Unfortunately (but predictably) nobody won the TimTams. However, for those of you who are still wondering, this is me:

Me in Pub Choir


Now, don’t you all feel better? Because I sure do!

24 thoughts on “Pandemic Survival Answers

  1. I. Feel. A. Whole. Shitload. Better. [grin]
    And it’s largely because you do, too, me darlin old H.
    Hang in there: this will all be over one day – and I mean IN MY LIFETIME ! 😀

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  2. Woo hoo for good news. Though being away from WP a bit I read this before your earlier post. I can only imagine (and hope I only have to imagine) how miserable you all must have felt having to put your boy in purdah like that.

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    • I think the night before we got the results was the worst. He’d been in quarantine for a week, I’d had to turn down work and it was hard not to think about what would happen if he was positive. Relief in large measure when it came back negative. Truly hoping we don’t have to go through that (or worse) again.

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      • Poor kid; that’s not an experience you’d every wish on your children, especially when they’re old enough to understand the consequences for the whole family of something that’s been visited upon them through no fault of their own.

        The boy-child has friends waiting for test results at the moment and I’m starting to understand how stressful it is.


  3. Thank goodness for this great outcome. My sister in law tested negative too and her quarantine period is over today. Not that she’ll be going anywhere much, but the fact that she can see people must be a relief. I hope you all continue to stay safe and well.

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