When The Universe Cares

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What’s your relationship with the universe? Is it friend or foe? Or is it more like an annoying parent doing things you don’t like for your own good?

I joke a lot about the universe having a sick sense of humour. Like when I decide the universe is telling me not to do something because nothing is working out and then suddenly everything falls into place.

Today the universe decided to show me kindness.

As I approach the worst day of the year, anxiety is high and tears are close. I’m not sleeping or eating properly and everything feels difficult.

Today the universe chose to tell me I am needed, I am useful, I am loved and I am worthy.

After two failed past attempts and an almost third, I was able to successfully complete a plasma donation and know I have saved lives.

Chance sent me a stranger I could help with a meal and a train ticket.

A friend reached out, unwilling to let me slip away into social solitude.

I won a pair of trail runners because of something I wrote about running.

A day that began with stress ended with peace and happiness.

It’s still a tricky week but I’m grateful for the small things that help me keep going.

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36 thoughts on “When The Universe Cares

  1. I don’t recall that 29th January has ever brought me anything to reduce the day’s unspeakableness.
    I’m glad that some nice things have happened to ameliorate the anniversary’s awful relentlessness.

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  2. Great post. It’s the appreciation of the little things. The world is unfair but how was your coffee? I did not sleep well last night but I will tonight. That spaghetti sauce was delicious, so much better than reading the gas bill.
    I smiled at the cranky man in the park and he looked up and melted a bit.

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  3. I have no doubt my universe is much kinder and happier with you in it, Heather. I am unable to understand your pain other than the times I sorely miss dad, but know you have friends and family and a God above who love you dearly. Let them embrace you with peace and hugs today and always. And give yourself some grace and a hot stone massage as needed. Love you, hon. ❤

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  4. You really sound like a wonderful person to help strangers like this and to just be mindful of others

    Sorry for your loss and I read the linked article and sorry about your loss.
    Cool that the worker spelled your son’s name to be your sister’s name! Spooky cool!
    And your sister’s legacy lives in in many ways – especially through you

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      • Glad to connect this week. And I know it can be an uncomfortable topic for many people – to express grief and talk openly about loss – and there is a line where some light overdo it –
        But it is important to talk about it as a way to honor those who have gone too soon – and as you said – it can be comforting for others to know how special your sister was.
        My nephew passed away (OD) in feb 2017 and when I bring his name up – or mention how special it was I was able to see him four times before he passed (divine appointment because I went years without seeing him) anyhow – when I mention His name or a story – sometimes eyes bulge or the topic is changed. I have grace for folks who are not there – because their pain and process of grief is not ready for my open mention of him. I hope nobody gets complicated grief from it –
        Anyhow – sending a blog hug your way


  5. I like the paucity of details, which is odd, because I usually belabor excruciating details of my adventures as though I were passing down literary greatness with each drip of ink from my pen. But sometimes, the scattering of mysterious tidbits is more than enough to build a vivid picture and leave you room to fill in the blanks with your own embellishments.

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  6. The universe is king. Sometimes it rewards us and sometimes it punishes us. Or at least it feels that way. Our moods might have to do with that. The way we perceive things, defines our positive or negative feelings. I’m glad that your day ended on a good note. Usually, when I have a string of events go wrong, I don’t see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. Yet, the next day, I wake up with new, more positive intentions. Sending you strength through a tough period.

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