What Your Dentist Is Really Doing To You

I went to the dentist today yesterday. (I wanted to write this post yesterday so my visit to the dentist would have been today but now it’s tomorrow which is today so the dentist was yesterday. I think.) Anyway…

So I went to the dentist. I’ve never been a fan of going to the dentist (honestly, who is?) but I usually cope with it okay.

Except yesterday.

It shouldn’t have been an issue. It was just a standard ‘pick and polish’ visit and no follow up appointment was required. But it was. An issue, that is. I don’t know why.

As I lay there, feeling like a victim of the Marquis de Sade (except my dentist is a woman so it’s not a very apt metaphor – okay, so maybe like a victim of Annie Wilkes, then), I came to the conclusion that whatever tool your dentist thinks he or she is using in your mouth, in your head – well, in mine at least – it feels more like this:

What your dentist uses
What it feels like

By the way, that last one? According to the dental supply website I found it on, one of its features is “Preventing refluence doohickey”. Handy thing to have, that.

Postscript: The original image in that last one wasn’t working so I’ve had to replace it with a different one. Maybe its refluence doohickey was faulty.



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27 thoughts on “What Your Dentist Is Really Doing To You

    • Oh, but that I had… Remember the discussion about sounds and I reckoned I had a faulty volume dial in my head? Imagine what the sound of a drill is like in my head? Plus, I’d neglected to eat breakfast and this was after 11 so my stomach was also empty. The noise was just reverberating through my whole body. I was just one big dentist’s echo chamber…

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  1. Oh my. You are soooo preaching to the choir here. I am a sensible and strong person in all matters except dentistry. Hate it with an undying and unreasonable passion. I have only had one cavity in my entire life, so I have no real horror stories to relate to explain this phobia, but it’s real. I once went ten years without going to a dentist and only broke down because I felt I probably “should.” Sweaty palms and all. Thanks for a great laugh!!


  2. The dentist is not my favorite place to go, but thankfully they no longer use those dang picks for cleaning. The hygienist uses some kind of ultrasonic machine to rid the tarter from my teeth. It’s pretty easy peasy.

    Now the drilling…that’s another story…


  3. Mouthful of broken teeth and I still won’t go – all caused by having to get 2 broken teeth fixed within a couple of months, when the third one broke it was too much. Haven’t been back for – 4 years? Another of the joys of aging plus antibiotics etc.


  4. Thanks for this reminder from hell when my next dentist appointment is only a few weeks away. I think my mouth single-handedly put my dentist’s daughter through university. You guessed it, she’s now a dentist too.


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