If You Haven’t Actually Read My Post, Then Piss Off With Your ‘Like’

When does the need to accumulate followers cross the line of human decency? When does our need to be ‘liked’ supersede our ability for compassion and humanity?

In my case, when I receive a ‘Like’ seconds after I’ve posted a piece about the death of my father on the day he died. And the ‘Liker’ is a retail blog with no interest in grief or death or loss.

The ‘Like’ was purely about improving their own stats. Presumably, given the speed of the response, it was done utilising a software package that scans for new posts and automatically hits ‘Like’ (I believe they exist). I’d hate to think it was done by a real person who not only did not read the post but obviously didn’t even read the title (My Dad Died Today).

Okay, I’ve had those quick Likes before. All bloggers have, right?

The problem this time is that my post was so personal, so emotionally raw, that to sally forth with a random, unrelated ‘Like’ was breathtakingly insensitive.

It seems some people will do anything to promote their blog.

I clicked through to this abomination blog and left a searing comment about their insensitivity. I asked them what exactly they ‘liked’ about my post. Did they even read my post? I suggested they might, in future, wish to read a post before hitting the ‘Like’ button. On posting the comment, I was left with the advice that my comment was “awaiting moderation”. It soon after disappeared. As did the ‘Like’ on my post.

When I wrote the first draft of this post – pretty soon after this occurred – I was going to ‘Name and Shame’ the blog in question. I had the good sense to save my post as a Draft and have now rewritten quite a lot of it. I also will not be naming that blog. For a start, let’s face it, so many of them do it. Secondly, I think my comment made them realise what they had done and, ultimately, I am not going to join their ranks of the brutal and insensitive.

If you’re into ‘Liking’ posts at whim without reading them or if you use one of those programs that does it for you or if you develop that type of program, please realise that sometimes that form of pursuit of Readership Glory can cause enormous hurt to the recipient. Maybe think a little more carefully and act a little more compassionately.

And maybe don’t need so much to be ‘Liked’.

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33 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Actually Read My Post, Then Piss Off With Your ‘Like’

  1. Yes! I’ve been dealing with that on my own blog, and thinking about direct contacting the “likers” in question (I my case it’s a legit blogger, somewhat relevant, and could be a good connection if they’d adjust read and respond rather than simply auto-like. I unfollowed them (on principle)…frustrating!


    • I’d suggest they should write a WordPress Book of Etiquette but I suspect there are certain people who wouldn’t bother to read it anyway.
      I usually just shrug it off but this was just so highly inappropriate, I couldn’t let it go. At least my comment got a pretty instant response.


      • I’m usually pretty laid back but, for some reason this BOTHERS me. A LOT.
        I don’t know exactly why but… it does.
        And you’re right, the people who things like this wouldn’t read the WordPress Book of Etiquette. They’d like it, but not read it….
        Like the post I wrote about this exact topic which the repeat-liker liked within seconds of it going live….


  2. Your specific example is appalling, H – noone would disagree.
    The whole topic of ‘Likes’ is so fraught with traps for young players as to render it a minefield: http://wp.me/p3ZISx-205
    However, I’m told that if one happens to be on the page of the (ugh !) Reader (everyone knows my feelings on THAt topic !), an incoming post can have its ‘Like’ button clicked in the second or two it takes for the peruser to … erhmm … peruse it.


  3. I think some people are oversensitive on the ‘like’ thing, but in this case, you are justified. I’m so sorry you had to go through this added anguish, and I’m sure the person will be more careful in future. Take care of yourself. ❤


  4. Am really sorry for you. I know it made an unbearable time even that much worse. But am really glad you spoke up and that you had a place to vent some frustration and anyway (trying to look on lousy bright side even though there isn’t one). 😦


  5. I’m glad you called that person out for their inappropriate like. Maybe more of us need to do that to shame offenders.
    It’s too bad that it was done to you on such a sensitive day.


    • Thanks Joanne. I’d been feeling a bit bad about it (I was angry and made that pretty clear in my comment) because I don’t think it was intentional. But maybe it will make them think more carefully in future and that’s a good thing. To their credit, they did act swiftly and had the decency to remove the Like.


  6. I feel new enough at this whole thing that I’m still learning much. It seems that there are followers who never read or comment. And readers who comment but never follow. I didn’t start my blog to gain bunches of followers – frankly didn’t understand that this was such a big goal for many. But I have put my heart into posts only to have an instant “like” appear which left me cold. I would have been equally as outraged as you to have it happen on such a sensitive post. Enjoyed meeting you through M-R’s post this morning.


  7. I’ve often wondered the same thing. If my post just has a couple of photos, then I understand. But if it’s something that needs to be read, how can someone have read it that quickly? I, too, wonder if there’s a program to “like” posts of people you follow and that’s how it can happen. It’s especially rude when the post is one such as yours; then it’s not just something to brush off or shake your head over, but hurtful.

    As for followers, I have quite a few, but only hear from a small group of them. I’m OK with that, but wonder why the others follow at all. For reciprocity, I know, but still…



    • This wasn’t even someone who follows my blog. I’d never come across them before (which just made it worse). And, as you have found, while I may have X followers, I only seem to get Y who actually interact with me. (Which is fine because I’m not sure I could keep up with that many anyway.) Thanks for coming over. 🙂


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