All Manner Of Verbs And All Verbs Of Manner

I love these writing prompts that ask me to define myself in some way. Makes me laugh out loud.

To be, to have, to think, to move – which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? – Daily Prompt, Part A

Hm. Which of those verbs do I connect to?

All of them. Natch.

For example, today:

I had a blood donation appointment and the offspring had a movie-making afternoon so I had to be a donor and a taxi. Also house cleaner, cook, washerwoman, blah blah blah, daily grind.

Despite the fact that I am prone to getting kicked out of the Blood Bank and put on 6 months’ suspension because of low iron levels, I went for a run this morning. With Spring very much in the air, I had to moveAnd hang the consequences. (It’s okay, I passed my haemoglobin test. Almost failed the blood pressure test but that’s an issue for another day.)

Then I had a planning meeting where I got to think about creative ways to express an idea, something to which I am rather partial.

I’m not big on the have – I don’t need to have things. [She says as she tries to ignore the piano, guitar, banjo and ukulele sitting in the corner.] Okay, so maybe a bit.

Or is there another verb that characterizes you better? – Daily Prompt, Part B

To pursue? (New things) To invent? (New Mes) To pretend? (I know what I’m doing)

To decide. That, like everything else about me, there is no one thing.

A Jack of All Verbs.

Verb Cloud



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