The Sun Is Waiting

When Ukulele Me made an appearance recently, I gave a commitment to post some ukulele music in the not-too-distant future. Accustomed as I am to doing things the hard way, I’ve chosen to write an original song.

Life has been a bit difficult lately but through it all I have been grateful for the gift of being able to express the unexpressable through the written word and through music.

It’s a song about hope, the only thing you can cling to when the world turns dark. The sun will always be waiting to shine light into the deepest shadows.

This song is dedicated to my friend Lisa who knows more than most about waiting for the sun.



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It’s Ukulele Me!

Ukulele Me

Ukulele Me

She’s here! Ukulele Me has finally joined the clan.

Translation: I bought a ukulele today.

It may have been retail therapy, it may have been a flash of carpe diem, or maybe it was just a burst of madness.

Some (The Husband mostly) would say that maybe I should finish learning how to play the banjo I bought two years ago before investing in yet another musical instrument.

[Shrugs and points to herself] Jack of All Trades.

Enough said.




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