You’re A Shitty Human

An Ode to PMS

“You’re a shitty human”

Say the voices in my head

They often make me wonder

If I’d be better dead


Men don’t understand

And neither do the boys

They sigh and roll their eyes

And then return to all their toys


They’ll never understand

The monthly torment that I feel

The anger and depression

How nothing feels for real


“Wow, you really screwed that up!”

“You’ll never have real friends.”

“They all find you annoying.”

“You’ll never make amends.”


They mutter and they scream at me

From when I wake til bed

So often I just want some peace

From voices in my head


Supplements and therapy

Have helped just now and then

But mostly I just stagger on

In search of something Zen


I wonder how long will this last?

How long until the change?

How long ’til I stop feeling like

They all think I am strange?


But then I can’t help wondering

If what I’ll really see

Is not that it was PMS

But really it’s just me




Tomorrow Always Comes



Staying awake throughout the night

Trying hard with all my might

To stop the coming of the day

To try and keep the pain at bay


Running far as the road will take me

Running from the grief that aches me

Such a pain so hard to bear

Fearing it is always there


All these things are just distraction

And a ‘life’s too hard’ reaction

Hiding from a haunted life

Hiding from the dawn’s new light


But as hard as I may try

I know the sun will always rise

And when all is said and done

I know tomorrow always comes




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