Would The Real Me Please Stand Up

Who is that?

Look what I was given the other day. I love it!

There’s only one problem.

If I’m going to be myself, then I’m going to need to know who that is.

I have mentioned on this blog before (ad nauseum – my apologies) that there are many facets to Me.

But which one is the real me?

Is it Mathematics Teacher Me who has never taught a mathematics class? Frankly, differential calculus gives me hives these days.

Is it Musician Me who has never passed a music exam? What am I saying? I’ve never even sat a music exam.

Is it Illustrator Me who does those ridiculous drawings for this blog? Cough. Er… no. Definitely not that one. She’s completely made up.

Is it Scientist Me who despite having a degree in the subject, hasn’t done Science for almost 30 years and wouldn’t know Quantum Physics if Schrödinger’s Cat landed on her head?

Is it Writer Me who has never had so much as a short story published? Pfft. I’ve never even had a letter to the editor published.

So, if I’m going to be myself, who is that exactly?

You’re going to tell me they’re all the Real Me, aren’t you? You’re going to tell me that this Jack of All Trades persona is who I really am, right?

You’re being singularly unhelpful. Or even multiplarly unhelpful.

will be myself. I promise. Just as soon as I figure out who that is.



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Collision Course

Do you ever notice how many different versions of you exist?

That’s this week’s writing challenge. No kidding. You do know the name of my blog, right?

As a Jack of All Trades, I’ve got so many versions of Me it’s hard to keep track.

Lately, they’ve been arguing.

About six months ago, I made a tentative foray into casual relief teaching at a school for children with severe intellectual disabilities. I enjoyed it and I received positive feedback so why then have I not pursued more work this year?

Scientist Me thought I should have more study under my belt before inflicting my inexperienced self on unsuspecting children and support workers.

Accountant Me pointed out that I couldn’t afford to study and maybe doing some work first might be a good idea.

Sporty Me was too preoccupied training for Oxfam Trailwalker and didn’t want to know about it.

Humanitarian Me was conflicted, wanting to concentrate on fundraising for Oxfam but feeling that working in the disability sector where teachers are sorely needed would also be a good thing.

Introvert Me was hanging on to the hope of still finding a way to make money sitting in a room by herself.

To shut them up, I went back to the school this week and put my name down to teach again.

It didn’t work.

Academic Me wants to spend this weekend preparing enriching and challenging activities to implement when she’s called in.

Musician Me wants to buy a ukulele and a set of bongo drums so she can just sing songs all day. She’s having an argument with Accountant Me.

Creative Me wants to hit the art shops and buy lots of art and craft activities to do with the children. She’s arguing with both Accountant Me and Musician Me.

Control Freak Me is, well, freaking out because she doesn’t really know what she’s doing.

Actor Me is telling Control Freak Me to get a grip on herself and that she’s got it sorted. She just has to finish work on the script. (Control Freak Me is not convinced.)

Teacher Me is frighteningly absent from the conversation. I think she’s pretending she doesn’t exist.


I think I’ll go lie down and have a chat with Counsellor Me.

'Armageddon' by bubor (www.freeimages.com)

‘Armageddon’ by bubor (www.freeimages.com)



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