A Jack of All Leftovers


Being asked to write about something you haven’t touched in a while – your ‘leftovers’ – for the Weekly Writing Challenge could be a lengthy post for a Jack of All Trades.

Let’s begin, shall we?

The harmonica – two, actually – hidden in the bottom of the piano stool from my unrealistic ‘I’m going to be in a blues band’ phase.

The sailing boat collecting dust and all manner of flotsam in my parents’ shed from my caught-up-in-the-hype ‘I’m going to compete in the America’s Cup’ phase.

The set of pastels and rolls of artist paper shoved in the top of the wardrobe from my very brief ‘I’m going to be an artist’ phase.

The practice pipe for a set of bagpipes I never quite ended up getting from my unexplainable ‘I’m going to wear a kilt and play with the highland band’ phase.

The large dolls house built by my grandfather, undecorated and unfurnished, from my overly ambitious ‘I reckon I could wire this up with working lights’ phase.

The unfinished online course to get a Comp TIA certification from my totally deluded ‘I’m going to work as a techie in schools’ phase.

The expensive trek pack and other hiking equipment for my once-only-never-to-be-repeated “I’m going to climb mountains’ phase.

The graphics calculator and textbooks I bought in preparation for my short-lived ‘I’m going to be a science and maths teacher’ phase.

The reflector telescope I spent three years paying off from my childhood-dream ‘I’m going to be an astrophysicist’ phase.


Well, you get the idea.

I’ve got more leftovers than… whatever the opposite of leftovers is… rightovers?

But, you know, I’ve still got them so I can always go back to them. I hear some leftovers are actually better reheated.

Or there’s that ukulele I’ve been wanting to buy…



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