…Nothing gained?

I’m a great supporter of the “nothing ventured, nothing gained” philosophy but let’s face it, when you venture something and then gain nothing, it kind of sucks.

Thus were my feelings last Monday when I discovered I had not made the short list of a writing competition I had entered. It was a long shot, I knew that, but which of us has not at some time gone for the long shot and dreamt of success? I bet even Eddie the Eagle pictured himself on that gold medal platform. Is there a fine line between hope and delusion?

To ease the pain, my story has also been submitted to a children’s book publisher. I get three months of hopeful delusion out of that one.

The story is about a girl who can’t say No. Her parents send her to Miss Willow’s School of No so she doesn’t have to live a life of eating peas and going to ballet concerts (both of which she hates).

Here’s Bridget in her school uniform. It’s yellow. Bridget hates yellow.

Bridget Cynthia Mary O'Dwyer

Bridget Cynthia Mary O’Dwyer

Every writer dreams of cutting the mustard in publishing, being top banana on the best sellers lists, getting their moment to shine in the sun. But you can’t get there if you’re a cowardy custard. Delusion or courage, whatever it is, you have to take the risk of ending up with egg on your face. So, you might need to butter up a few head cheeses in publishing and you may end up singing like a canary for any sort of attention but it will be worth it. When life hands you a lemon, you can either blow it out of proportion and turn it into a grapefruit or you can use it and make something clever, like a lemon soufflĂ©. Take the chance, baby chick, and your dreams may turn to gold.



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