Life Lessons From The Doctor

And no, I don’t mean “an apple a day”.

One of my favourite gifts last Christmas was from a dear friend – a page-a-day calendar of Doctor Who quotes. It rotates through each of the twelve doctors, starting the year with the first things they said after each regeneration (in the case of the ones that followed the original Doctor in a piece of inspired programming to replace an ailing actor).

Doctor 1

I was a bit slow and forgot to open it on the first day. When I turned to the page for the 2nd of January, I knew I was in for an inspired year.

Doctor 2

I laughed. Loudly and continuously throughout the day.

A calendar made for a Jack of All Trades.

So how else might the Doctor inspire this new year?

Doctor 3

Sometimes it is advisable to concentrate on essentials.

Doctor 4

It’s okay not to know everything.

Doctor 5

Tell me you haven’t had one of those moments.

Doctor 6

Ah. This is a common one for a Jack of All Trades.
Always reinventing themselves and surprising the people who think they know them.

Doctor 7

Always take time out to recharge.

Doctor 8

Yes, who am I? Exactly.

Doctor 9

For all you runners out there. And for anyone who isn’t a runner, why aren’t you?

Doctor 10

Don’t get distracted by the small things. Stay focussed on what’s important.

Doctor 11

Sometimes life is strange. You will meet strange people. It’s all a part of the tapestry of life. Jump right in.

Doctor 12

Don’t take things at face value. It’s okay to question the status quo.

That’s the first round of twelve but the ones since have been just as inspiring, including this pearler that turned up on a day when a┬ádiscussion of bending rules arose with another blogger:


Freaky, huh?

Did any of these inspire you? Do you have your own inspirational calendar quotes to share?




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