Random Trades

The Crumb Wars: A Special Report – http://wp.me/p3OKST-17w
Acting The Fool – http://wp.me/p3OKST-16E
Don’t Get Mad, Get Even – http://wp.me/p3OKST-10Z
Nepalese Food Quiz Answers – http://wp.me/p3OKST-10O
Best Black Tea – A Nepalese Food Quiz – http://wp.me/p3OKST-XQ
The Great International Chocolate Exchange – http://wp.me/p3OKST-P9
Killing Herman – http://wp.me/p3OKST-OZ
Deliciously Scared – http://wp.me/p3OKST-Og
An Ode To Milk Duds – http://wp.me/p3OKST-NP
Pecan Pie!!! – http://wp.me/p3OKST-LW
When MOSY Met Harry And Sally – http://wp.me/p3OKST-JN
That’s What I’ve Been Trying To Say – http://wp.me/p3OKST-Iz
My New Extreme Sport – http://wp.me/p3OKST-GC
The Shock Of Finding Out You’re Actually Canadian – http://wp.me/p3OKST-EE
It’s a Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Christmas – http://wp.me/p3OKST-DC
The Crumb Wars 5: Terror In The Skies – http://wp.me/p3OKST-CA
The Crumb Wars 4: Rice Wars – http://wp.me/p3OKST-By
Colouring With Einstein – http://wp.me/p3OKST-As
The Crumb Wars 3: Abandonment of Civic Order – http://wp.me/p3OKST-Ad
The Great Bread-Making Adventure – http://wp.me/p3OKST-zL
The Crumb Wars 2: Expansion Into The Northern States – http://wp.me/p3OKST-ze
The Crumb Wars: Battle of the Bench – http://wp.me/p3OKST-yZ
Not Touristing In The City Again – http://wp.me/p3OKST-xr
Tourist Eyes In The Big Smoke – http://wp.me/p3OKST-x4
On Being A Handbag – http://wp.me/p3OKST-vO
Post of the Century – http://wp.me/p3OKST-uF
What Your Dentist Is Really Doing To You – http://wp.me/p3OKST-us
Would The Real Me Please Stand Up – http://wp.me/p3OKST-tA
It’s Ukulele Me! – http://wp.me/p3OKST-tp
New Beginnings – http://wp.me/p3OKST-qj
If You Haven’t Actually Read My Post, Then Piss Off With Your ‘Like’ – http://wp.me/p3OKST-pv
At Least I’m Not Bored – http://wp.me/p3OKST-op
Anti-Zombie Brownies (Brainies) – The Recipe – http://wp.me/p3OKST-nP
Preparing For The Apocalypse – Anti-Zombie Brownies – http://wp.me/p3OKST-mp
On Being A Bitser – http://wp.me/p3OKST-m0
Why Vegetable Gardening Really BUGS Me – http://wp.me/p3OKST-ei
Parking Karma – The Secret to Happy Car Parking – http://wp.me/p3OKST-ac
Unchained Melody Works Hard For The Money – http://wp.me/p3OKST-8K



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6 thoughts on “Random Trades

  1. H !!!!!- I’m gobsmacked, to put it mildly, you clever thing !!!!
    Will you send me an email so that I can email you back, please, darlin ? – we need to do a couple more little things and Bob will be your uncle forever.
    MWAH !!
    I am so impressed, and so jealous of your natural talent ! – that’s the major difference between us. You are totally creative, and I am totally derivative ! [grin]


      • Wow !!! – you already did both the things I was going to suggest. How bloody like you. [grin]
        (1) would’ve been the making of the sticky, and
        (2) would’ve been the inserting of a ‘home’ button at the end of every post.
        Now it’s PERFECT.
        And it’s so WONDERFUL, H !!!! – I am breathless with pleasure about how super it looks, and functions.
        That you were able to follow my ramblings is itself an indication of your superior mental skills; but the addition of your adorable and delightful cartoons make it … I honestly can’t think of how to say how much I am in awe, H darlin … You are SO CLEVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!


        • OH, M-R, you have made me one very, very happy little blogger!! I’m so glad it meets with your approval – I have been so nervous!

          Not my superior mental skills – your very clear instructions. It’s why I couldn’t wait to implement it myself – it sounded so achievable (hard slog bits notwithstanding).

          Zippity! 😀


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