Open Letter To A Game Of Thrones Fan


Dear Game of Thrones Fan,

I don’t watch Game of Thrones. Never have.

Now, before you go rushing to the comments section at the bottom of the page to tell me how astonished you are (no doubt in a tone of admonishment), let me finish.

I missed the initial viewing boat when Game of Thrones began because it was only available on Pay TV and we didn’t have it.

Now, before you go rushing to the comments section at the bottom of the page to tell me about streaming services, dvds and nefarious means of watching television shows (I know all that), let me finish.

You see, I’m not actually interested in watching Game of Thrones. At all.

“But you don’t know what you’re missing!”

Well, if I don’t know, I won’t miss it. I don’t think my life will be any the lesser for it.


You know, the more you tell me I must watch it, the more determined I’m going to become to never, ever watch it.

Contrary Mary, that’s me.

“That kind of attitude could mean you miss out on the best things in life!”

Now, tell me, honestly, if someone asked you, “What are the best things in your life?” what would you say? Would a television show make the list? Family, friends, music, art, travel…these would be on my list. I’m not sure television would rate very highly, if at all.

A bit of perspective, please.

What bothers me the most, however, is watching someone share the fact that they’ve never watched Game of Thrones on social media and seeing the comments fill with insults.

“Loser”, “Idiot” and worse.

Now, I look around the world and do you know what I think is wrong with a lot of it? We’re sinking into a mire of intolerance. If someone looks different, worships a different god, speaks in a different language, has different abilities, believes in something different, loves someone different, the shouty voices come out.

Goodness knows, we have issues we need to discuss and to find some commonality to move forward in peace and humanity. Insisting that I love the same television show that you do is not one of them.

So, let’s respect each other’s likes and dislikes and please don’t insist that I watch Game of Thrones.

And I won’t call you a loser if you don’t watch Doctor Who.




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96 thoughts on “Open Letter To A Game Of Thrones Fan

  1. You go girl!! (I don’t watch Game of Thrones or Doctor Who. I don’t even like The Muppets [as you may remember]). There’s something awfully adolescent about the need to feel one is part of the “in” thing. Thanks for this post, MoSy; I like it.

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    • Thank you, Cynthia. I’ve always had this contrary streak where the more someone tells me I must see/do/have something, the more I decide I never will. It’s why I’ve never seen the movie Avatar, will never walk the Camino and I’ll never own anything made by Apple. 😛

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      • I have never seen Game of Thrones, though, I’ve tried. I watched about fifteen minutes and got bored. Fifteen minutes of the first episode and I got bored. I don’t like being told what to do unless I’m doing something on someone else’s behalf and thus am trying to emulate how that someone does things. So, I can relate to the inclination to do the opposite of what other people insist you must try. I like experience new things (after determining there are few to any logistical inconveniences) but my willingness and enthusiasm for new and different things is unpredictable.

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        • You’ve tried it and didn’t like it. You have your own interests. That’s how it should be and it should be respected.

          I’m happy for people to recommend things to me – “oh, this is really good, you might like it” sort of thing – but the minute I start getting called names or made to feel there’s something wrong with me if I don’t watch/do/own something, I get my back up. After all, aren’t we taught to stand up to bullies?

          I also find it amazing that people think that my life is somehow lacking because I don’t watch this particular show when I have pretty eclectic viewing habits and also a broad range of other interests. I’ll try almost anything but I won’t be bullied into it. It has to be on my terms. Surely that’s all we can expect of anyone?


  2. If our friendship can survive me being a football fan, I hope it can survive GoT. After all, you are a runner, a rower, a mum, a hard worker… so many things I am not. We do have Doctor Who in common xxx

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  3. Dr Who or Games of Thrones are the sort of TV shows that I too avoid. I tried to like them but it did not work. The same with sport watching. All those men rolling around with an oblong ball or cricket scores and baffling numbers. I am pleased though that my grandson is reading the Games of Thrones books. I reckon reading and forming the mind’s images from the words is so much better that getting fed the images from a lazy TV screen.

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    • Yes, I can’t help wondering how many of those who insist we must all watch GoT have actually read the books. I always like to read the original source material first if I can and form my own images. In some cases (Terry Pratchett), I form such an attachment to the characters as they appear in my head that I can’t actually bring myself to watch it on the screen.

      I still like you, Gerard, even if you don’t like Doctor Who. Totally with you on the sport thing, though.

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    • Definitely not just you. I had a run of things (I guess because the latest series was ending and people were raving on about it) about being a loser if you didn’t watch it or reading through some pretty nasty comments to people who proudly stated they didn’t watch it that it was time something was said. Honestly, it’s just television. In ten years will anyone even care if you watched it or not?

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      • I’ve actually stopped reading comments on public sites. People are viciously mean. Someone makes a typo in their comment and the trolls descend on them as if they are the stupidest, sad-excuse-to-be-alive person on earth.

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  4. I don’t watch anything. CNN plays in the background and I sometimes see bits and pieces, these days usually about people blown to bits and pieces, but I never sit down and watch TV. I agree that a huge problem today is how divided we have become over everything. Calling people names over a TV show? right. Anyway, back to our normally scheduled program….

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  5. Love this! Can I share something with you, I’ve never watched Game of Thrones either. Not one episode. The world would be pretty boring if we all liked the same things. Cheers to individuality. Great post. 🙂

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  6. couldn’t agree more with you 🙂 A show can’t define you and those people who think it is wise to insult those who differ from themselves even if it is as little as liking/disliking a tv series – they need to grow up. I love GoT tbh but I still like you and respect you for posting this 🙂

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  7. Even I was among the club a few months ago but now I just love the show! However, there is so much more to life than a television show, it certainly doesn’t define a person. Its just a matter of likes and dislikes and that is completely normal I guess.
    P.S. As always, a nice post 🙂

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  8. Thank you! I just don’t understand how people could be stereotyped and even physically insulted for not watching a tv show. I hate watching or having things people watch/have. Perspective. The most important thing.

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  9. Well said, MOSY. Like you, I don’t watch Game Of Thrones. Never have, and probably never well. It doesn’t interest me and in general, I do not watch TV and have even stopped sitting down to watch the news a long time ago. Television is not life; there is so much more to life than that. I also am not a huge fan of film, always fidgeting after ten minutes 😀

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  10. I am appalled at the mudslinging that goes on, on social media. can’t imagine these same people would ever have the courage to say the same crap in person, face to face.

    As far as Game of Thrones, not a watcher of the series. I do like to watch a good series though & definitely have a few good wants I can recommend if you have Netflix or the equivalent of.😘 Will have to check out Dr. Who!

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    • “Don’t read the comments” is becoming a necessary mantra for some things.

      We have Netflix but it is something of a poor country cousin of your version. But I believe there may be ways to … ahem … access other versions. 😉 Happy to take a recommendation as long as I’m not considered a loser if I don’t like it. 😁

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      • No name calling will be heard from me, I promise! I seem to be on a bit of a British series kick these days but I love the strong characters assigned to women. Some of my favourites include:

        Happy Valley – not all what the title suggests. Starts out a tiny bit slow the first episode as they build the characters up but stay with it as it is so good! Set in a town called Happy Valley, a disgruntled employee in need of a raise sets in to motion a situation that totally spins out of control. That’s all I am going to tell you!😜

        Last Tango in Halifax – Another fantastic British series involving 2 families who are thrown together after the Mom from one family & Dad from the other reunite after years of not seeing one another. The story that builds touches on so many things. Love, dysfunction, aging parents, relationships….hilarious & touching all at the same time

        Broad church- again British. Starts with a murder in small town & keeps you guessing evety single episode!

        Others I have really enjoyed are

        Grace & Frankie – if you haven’t watched it, find it & do so. You will love it!

        Call the Midwife – excellent
        Homeland – my hubby loves this one
        Suits – just finishing up the last season

        Bloodline was also very highly recommended to me so you may want yo check that one out.


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        • Thanks! We have pay tv but a very basic plan. Often shows will be advertised and I’ll think “ooh, that looks good!” They are nearly always on BBC First which we don’t have. Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax are two I recall thinking just that but not having access. Unlikely to find it on Netflix here until it’s gone through the pay tv contract. Broadchurch and Call the Midwife (seasons 1-3) I’ve seen and loved. (Although, what the heck was with the US making ‘Gracepoint’??) I have access to the others on our Netflix and, as it happens, Gracie and Frankie and Suits are both already on my To Watch list. Great minds…… 🙂


            • Do. Not. Under ANY circumstances look up Gracepoint. It was the American version of Broadchurch. Same story, they even poached Tennant to play the same role. They just ‘Americanized’ it. And from all reports it was woeful. Honestly, WHAT was the point??? (Sorry, but the habit of the US Americanizing hit British shows (and books – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, anyone? – drives me up the wall.)


              • Not sure about Netflix there but here in Canada, they only released 10 of the 16 episodes of Season 5 so far. Season 6 is not playing on television so I have set my PVR & am waiting for Netflix to release the last 6 episodes of Season 5 before I move on. Oh God, I need a life!!!

                Flip to Grace & Frankie!

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              • I am heading to my daughter’s this weekend & she & her hubby may be able to source those 5 episodes for me. If I can develop a strategic plan, I shall send them your way!

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  11. I do watch Dr. Who (my kids wouldn’t let me do otherwise) and I don’t watch Game of Thrones, so we seem to be somewhat alike in our viewing habits, but even if you’d hated Dr. Who and thought Game of Thrones was the greatest show in the history of television, it wouldn’t occur to me to insult you for it. Someone on Facebook suffered abuse over this? Goodness, some people have very skewed priorities if they can’t live with the fact that not everyone likes their favorite show.

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  12. You sound like me when I was like 10. I refused to see the movie Titanic because it was popular. And no, your life won’t be changed if you do or if you don’t watch it. So what. There’s no need to just rebel about what is popular just to be different. I’m sure you can find your own uniqueness it more interesting ways.
    I didn’t watch it at first because I was bored, but then my fiance was a watcher and I would catch bits of it. Then I started understanding some of the plots and became actually interested in what was going on. Now we’re watching from start to end.

    That’s fine, don’t watch it – but this is acting just like a rebellious child. Someone who refused to watch something popular just because it’s popular. Get over yourself. We’re all unique.

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    • You don’t need to get all worked up about this. We all have our differences, but you shouldn’t try to force your beliefs and tastes down someone else’s throat.

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      • Thank you for coming to my defence but I’m glad of the comment. It rather proves my point about GoT fans. It seems to be inconceivable to them that someone would not be interested in watching the show and so they assume there must be some fault in that person.


    • [blows raspberry] I don’t hafta if I don’t wanna! So there!

      I don’t want to watch it because I’m not interested in watching it. The refusal to ‘never ever’ is only a response to the name-calling and bullying by those who think I should watch it. Childish behaviour deserves a childish response.

      If the story is as wonderful as you say, maybe I’ll give the books a go.


  13. Guess what? I’ve never watched it either. Likely never will. I’m not thinking my life will be lesser for it. Really people insult because of this? Good grief. I hope someone tries it with me. I’m planning my retorts already. 🙂

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  14. Contrary is good…I love contrary. And as for living in a society of intolerance, you only have to look at some of the people who have been elected to govern on the weekend. It’s downright embarrassing, and why does the media promote them?? (I watched GoT, mostly through my fingers because I can’t look at all the gory bits, but I did enjoy the story.)

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    • Yes, I think that is what prompted this post really. I was fed up with people giving me a hard time because I don’t watch GoT and looking around thinking there seems to be this increasing intolerance toward one another even about something as trivial as a television show. It was a symptom of a much bigger problem. I seriously worry about our country and where it is heading. (Not to mention the rest of the world.)

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  15. 3 cheers for freedom of thought! 🙂 🙂 I’m whispering that I haven’t seen it either because I can’t deal with hate mail. 🙂 If I’m truthful (and I seldom am 🙂 ) my daughter warned that it would be too extreme and violent for my delicate sensibilities. And I don’t have cable, or wherever it is that it runs. 😦 Lisa watches GOT and Dr. Who with equal delight. I just about manage the tennis.

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    • Yes, the reported explicit sex and violence was part of the turn off for me. I don’t manage explicit violence well. Although, I was watching a program called Anzac Girls the other day (about nurses in WW1) and the Husband wondered how I could watch something so graphic but in that case, this really happened and I think it’s important to understand exactly what these girls went through. But graphic violence just for the sake of it doesn’t sit so well.

      No hate mail here. In fact, quite a lot of mutual appreciation, I’ve found! 😀

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  16. I remembered I finished watching two seasons few years ago. It was good but I could barely recall anything about it now. After all, those are just something bringing entertainments to our lives if you are not going to pursue a career there.

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  17. I have a housemate that watches GOT, but I prefer to be contrary, which fits my name to a tee. Never got into the show and don’t care to… internet trolls be damned. I will stick with Dr. Who and Star Trek.

    I don’t know what’s up with people, why they write angry, hateful things. They need to find a life and someone to show them love.

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    • I don’t get it either. Maybe we need to introduce a password to access the internet and you can only get one if you pass a test on empathy. The only way these people can say what they do is if they have a complete inability to put themselves in the other person’s place and imagine what it would be like on the receiving end.

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  18. I love Game of Thrones, but I hardly think television preferences has much to do with whether one is an idiot or a loser. I mean, I never have watched that show with the dirty man and the zombies…I must surely be someone’s idiot or loser, then, hm?

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    • It’s such a subjective thing, I can’t see how anyone can judge another person on their viewing habits. Although, if someone told me their favourite show was Gogglebox they’d probably get a raised eyebrow. But I still wouldn’t call them a loser. To each his/her own.


  19. I watch Game of Thrones and I love it! But I do agree with your point. I am appalled whenever I read posts or comments that insult people with different preferences (and beliefs) in my feed. There is no harm in suggesting to a friend or colleague the tv shows, movies, or books that you think he/she may like, but if it is made pretty clear that he/she doesn’t want to try them, then we should not try to impose our views and preferences and just respect his/her decision. (And of course, stop the insulting comments).

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  20. I watch Game of Thrones and would never judge a person on whether he or she watched it.Some people don’t like fantasy fiction, some people don’t like shows with graphic sex and violence, and some people don’t like T.V. in general. There is also a plethora of other reasons why one would not watch a show. Why would one even take the time to write critical comments and hurl insults? You wrote an excellent response to the “shouty voices.” One word to them: “Shhhh.”

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  21. Great post, and I too have never watched Game of Thrones and feel none the less for that. Love your summary. Yes, diversity brings interest and we are lucky to live in a pretty diverse community and I thrive within it!

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