More Life Lessons From The Doctor

Some time ago, I shared some of the lessons I’d gained from my new daily calendar of Doctor Who quotes. The advice has been rocketing along and so here are some more Lessons From The Doctor.

Doctor 20

Presumably you’re here to read my blog but this is a question I often ask myself.

Doctor 21

Yep, that question too. Usually when I’ve decided to take on a new and unfamiliar activity with people I don’t know.

Doctor 22

Gosh, this seems so pertinent in an election year.

Doctor 23

Also probably pertinent in an election year.

Doctor 24

Okay, so this is turning into an Election Year Calendar of Quotes.
Or it’s also applicable to that thing that your curiosity got you into.

Doctor 25

Ain’t that the truth?

Doctor 26

No comment. (I don’t want the NRA after me.)

Doctor 27

Everybody knows this one. Okay, so maybe it’s actually only a month later but it sure feels like a hundred years.

Doctor 28

Ah, I love that the Doctor in one incarnation has an answer to himself in another incarnation.
Let’s just forget about that thing we didn’t get around to, eh?

Doctor 29

In a world of social media, 24 hour news cycles and global consumerism, haven’t we all felt this one?

And that is your Time Lord advice for today. Now excuse me while I go and find a quiet spot to read a book…..



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42 thoughts on “More Life Lessons From The Doctor

  1. At some point everyday, usually around 1-2pm, Bob and I sit down for some quiet time. I switch everything off and shut out the world and recharge for an hour or so. Just before doing so today I read your post, so that last quote was perfect 🙂

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  2. My kids and I love Doctor Who. I’m happy to see some wisdom from the Fourth Doctor since he was my favorite, but my kids may be disappointed that the Tenth Doctor doesn’t appear since they’re both huge David Tennant fans. 🙂

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    • The quotes rotate through each of the twelve Doctors so there are quotes from Ten but I didn’t like any of them. They were either really wordy or sounded arrogant (“This is magnificent. And I don’t often say that because… well, because of me.”) which doesn’t appeal. Maybe next time. I don’t choose them based on the particular Doctor, just on whether I think it’s a good quote. I loved Four too. I think he had the right mix of fun and seriousness.

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  3. “Interfere? Of course we should interfere…”

    That goes against the Federation’s prime directive. The Doctor and Captains Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway and Archer would not get along on this issue.

    I’m very glad to know that the Universe is not solely populated with nasty creatures. However, I’m very concerned that one will be leading our country this time next year. Do you suppose The Doctor could pick him up and carry him off to another time or parallel universe? Or would that create a rift in time that Picard has to resolve?

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    • It goes against the Federation’s prime directive and yet they always do. I’m pretty sure it’s against Gallifreyan law also but that’s never stopped the Doctor. They could all bond over their mutual disobedience.

      Trust me, the rest of the world is just as concerned. Unfortunately, only you and your fellow Americans have the power to prevent it. But if worst comes to worst, we’ll hope for the Doctor. He’s unseated Prime Ministers before, I’m sure he could manage a President. It only takes a few words.

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  4. OMG I love Doctor Who! Your choice of quotes is perfect. I especially like the one about interfering :-). And of course it was the fourth Doctor who said that…Tom Baker is still my favorite…likely because he was my first (am I dating myself). But I love them all.

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    • Hooray! Another fan! I remember Jon Pertwee, at the tail end of his time so technically he was my first but I loved Tom Baker. But then again, I was in my early teens when Peter Davison took over and I did have a teeny crush on him. 🙂
      But like you, I love them all because they each brought something good to the role.

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