Delay In Service


MOSY has returned from her international jaunt and I know you are all anxiously awaiting the stories of her adventures.

We regret to inform you that there will be a small delay to these posts as I am currently languishing in hospital with six broken ribs and a punctured lung.


Well, first of all let me assure you that I returned from Nepal and Bhutan safely and completely unharmed. These injuries were sustained 48 hours after I returned home.

The Story (Please hold all laughter until the end.)

Some of you may recall my horrifying tale of the invasion of clothes moths in our home last summer. (Refresh your memory here.) Clothes were munched through and carpets were destroyed by these wardrobe terrorists.

They have returned with the warmer weather here Down Under and I have gone on the attack.

On my way to bed on Sunday night, I spotted one of these devils on the bedroom ceiling and stepped up onto the edge of the wooden blanket box at the end of our bed to squish it into oblivion.

Helpful Tip For The Kiddies: Do not climb on smooth wooden pieces of furniture while wearing slippery socks.

My feet slipped off the blanket box and I crashed first onto the bedpost and then onto the floor. (Six inches to the left and I’d have landed on the mattress.).


A ride in an ambulance, a chest x-ray and a CT scan and I was left with the news of six broken ribs (ribs 4 to 9 on my left side), a punctured and mildly collapsed lung and cartilage torn from my breastbone.

I guess if you’re going to do something, at least do it properly.

Oh, the moth survived, by the way.

Okay, now you can laugh.




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92 thoughts on “Delay In Service

  1. Jesu. Yep, you are most definitely someone who does things 100%, H … You poor bastard !
    How the devil you managed this post is beyond me.
    Btw: don’t do that again, OK ?

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  2. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! *snort*

    No, I should not laugh H, but I can’t help myself. As I said on FB this morning, it’s the irony of it all. Well, I’m certain you will not be laughing too much, because that’s gonna hurt. I prescribe seriousness for the next six to eight weeks and no attempted murder of moths. Okay?

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    • Oh, you have to laugh, M-J. Well, I’d prefer not to and I certainly wasn’t this morning (pain management is a work in progress) but I’m happy for others to revel in the ridiculousness of it all. And I’m famous. When I had the nerve block put in, the anaesthetist met me and said, “I’ve been hearing about you. You’re the moth lady.” πŸ˜€

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  3. Oh no!! I could just picture it happening. I climb all over our furniture when dusting and such. Never again I swear. Will you need to be in hospital a long time? Sending hugs and healing vibes and not laughing at all. Freaking moths!

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      Thank you.

      I’ve just had a nerve block put in that pumps anaesthetic into the left side of my chest. I’ll have to stay in hospital while that’s in. Can’t go home until we can get the pain manageable. Based on this morning (there were tears), that may be a while yet.
      Thanks for the hugs, just not too tight, okay? πŸ™‚

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      • Oh my goodness I’m teary on your behalf. I can only imagine the pain. Sending wispy light and heart filled hugs. Wishing I didn’t live around the other side of the world. This old nurse might be able to be helpful. Where is that magic wand?
        No more furniture I promise. About 8 years ago I broke my foot getting out of bed in the middle of the night if that makes you feel better. I actually fainted from the pain and landed head first in the bath tub. Dave found me butt side up and not a clue what had gone on after only hearing the thud.
        Oh these homes are dangerous places. Let’s stick to the mountains which seem to be far safer.

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    • That is an excellent suggestion, Andrew. Maybe I might even actually master something for once. Either that or I’ll get bored after a while and go off to try something else like Master of Rowing With Cracked Ribs. (Yeah, I can’t see that one happening either.)

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      • But that’s the thing: it doesn’t matter! Your boredom will help grow that amazing list. It could even have its own subsection for Cracked Ribs.

        “Eating with Cracked Ribs”
        “Sleeping with Cracked Ribs”
        “Breathing with Cracked Ribs”

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  4. OMG. This is terrible…I’m so sorry! Dearly love your coined term of “wardrobe terrorists.” What a shame they have won this battle. However, the good news is, you definitely found something you’re super good at. Cracked ribs, torn cartilage, and the lung all in one go? Yep, no one could’ve done it better. You’re just going to have to think of a better backstory for it so you can milk this for all its worth! Wishing for a quick and relatively painless recovery, dear MOSY.

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    • Oh yeah, you need someone to really injure themselves, I’m your girl. πŸ˜€ I was talking to my husband about how I spent much of my childhood climbing trees, sitting on the carport roof or jumping off the back steps onto concrete and never once broke anything. Guess I was making up for it all in one go.

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  5. Nope …. I still can’t laugh at this story.

    I remember Gilles going through this after a cycling accident 2 years ago. I remember how much pain he was in and the challenges when he came home. You – and your husband – have only my deepest, sincerest sympathies. He’s going to have his hands full for the next many weeks :/

    Hope they get the pain under control soon!!

    btw – Gilles says to avoid sneezing at all costs!

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    • I definitely do not want to sneeze. Coughing is bad enough (and I’m only doing that because I have to as part of my exercises to avoid pneumonia).

      The pain thing is the biggest issue. The incapacity is one thing but the pain really does me in when it’s bad (like this morning – there was no option but to cry). They’re now pumping me with anaesthetic on an hourly basis plus endone every hour. It’s jolly. (Not.)


      • Gilles also had to do the breathing exercises. He was absolutely fanatical about doing them.

        I’ll never forget his first few days at home after he was released from hospital and the panic in his face.
        btw – crying is a very good coping mechanism.

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        • I can do the breathing and I like the getting up and going for a walk (obviously) but I hate doing the coughs. Just got mildly told off by the doctor for not working on that. Hard not to think I’d like to smash a few of his ribs and see how much he likes coughing…… I know it’s important. I know, I know.

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    • Oh, they’re loving the moth story, believe me. Fortunately, the damage is all on my left side so I have some small ability to do things like brush teeth. But it’s a bit nasty for the ward toilet to need a really solid push on the button to flush. That hurts no matter how I do it.


  6. Ohhhhh dearrrrr. Rest up and get better soon, especially on the physical side of things. Looks like your sense of humour is still intact πŸ˜€ “to squish it into oblivion” I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that way towards moths. Usually, if it’s a handful of them I’d leave them alone and open the window hoping they’d take the sign to fly outside. They are attracted to light, that’s what I hear. It can get messy when you squish them, especially the bigger ones.

    Looking forward to hearing about your overseas trip when you’re back up on your feet πŸ™‚

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    • These moths actually hate the light. They like to hide in your wardrobe or in carpet under furniture then they lay their eggs and leave their little wriggly babies to destroy everything.

      I’ve had to find the funny side or I’d cry all day and that’s no fun for the other patients or the staff.

      I’ll be attempting to get something up soon. πŸ™‚


  7. Sounds horrific MOSY. Blasted moths!! Vermin. Maybe you should set aside a pile of stuff for them to devour in the corner somewhere laced with arsenic or moth spray?

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  8. Oh no! I didn’t mean to laugh, and I didn’t until I got to your comment about the doctor saying he’d heard about you. “Moth Lady” That’s pretty funny. But I couldn’t possibly laugh about this terrible accident. What a disaster. I hope you start to feel less uncomfortable very soon. Take care.

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  9. Your part of the world seems very exotic to me – and now ferocious moths!! With all the precautions we take when we’re out, they say that our homes can end up being the most dangerous places – and I guess we occasionally prove that😟. Good luck with your pain and healing.

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  10. I read your comment about your injuries on my site so I raced across here to find out what terrible misfortune had befallen you in Nepal. I was imagining all sorts of exotic mishaps (yeti attack was my favorite). I was shocked to discover the true cause of your injuries.

    Well, however it happened, I’m very sorry to hear that you’re in pain. I hope you get better soon. Fate should have treated you more kindly considering all of the sterling work you’ve been doing recently.

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  11. As usual, I’m late to the party; and was going to say pretty much what BunKaryudo just did. Ouch, ouch, sad face. Do you get those sticky-soled socks in Aus? Shall I send you some? Hope you recover very quickly.

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  12. I have to say, I think 6 is excessive! Anyone else would have managed 4 πŸ™‚ Your poor husband! (I know, I know- why should he get the sympathy? But SOMEBODY’s got to cook Christmas dinner 😦 )
    Merry Christmas, sweetheart! What more can I say? πŸ™‚

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    • That’s what the doctors thought too. Hence the reason I have a referral for a bone density test. I did try to tell them it was a very large, very hard bedpost. πŸ˜€

      Fortunately, on both sides it’s a ‘everybody chips in’ arrangement so no full dinner to cook. Finger food contribution for the in-laws on Christmas Eve and dessert for my side on Christmas Day. Wanna guess who will be making both? πŸ˜› (But he still deserves sympathy.)

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  13. Heck. I couldn’t leave it at that. I think I know exactly how much pain you’re in, and it is so impressive that you were able to post anything, much less a coherent entertaining post. There is data in this link which may be useful to you. The source itself is not vetted by me, but the contents are correct, for I have seen them from other more reputable sources I do not want to devote the rest of my awake time tonight to track down. I wish you rapid healing, Heather.

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