The Flying Beetroot: Looking For What’s Lost

The Flying Beetroot Searching

I’ve lost my Running Mojo. Have you seen it anywhere? I know I had it at the last half-marathon but I haven’t seen it since.

Maybe I left it on the roof of the car and it fell off on the drive home.

Or maybe I actually lost it somewhere in the last few kilometres of the race and it is hanging from a branch of a tree where someone picked it up and hung it in case its owner came back to find it.

I’ve looked everywhere at home. I thought I’d found it when I came across my Run Forrest t-shirt in aΒ drawer a few weeks ago but it was just a trick of the light.

It has been very cold lately. Perhaps it slunk off when I wasn’t looking and is hibernating somewhere.


It’s a mystery.



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57 thoughts on “The Flying Beetroot: Looking For What’s Lost

  1. Hmmm, I think your running mojo is right in front of your face, shaked up with your running shoes. The cold disguises them, but if you look closely enough, you will spot them. Right along beside attitude & motivation!

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  2. You have the winter exercise doldrums. It happens to the best of us. I have to force myself to go to the gym in January and February because I would prefer to go home, lay on the couch with a blankie and eat cookies. Not to worry, you’ll get your mojo back soon when the weather starts to warm up. So, this is just a hint for you: In two years, go visit a nice, warm place in August that has cool bike trails.

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    • I’m not a fan of exercise indoors which is a problem come winter (even though winter here is pretty weak in comparison to yours – it’s all relative). But my Squirrel Radar has just turned up exercise classes at the local trampoline centre. This I think I could cope with and would help me maintain fitness in the meantime.

      Thank you for your hint. I am taking note. [scrawls hastily in diary]


      • Trampoline? I want to go! It sounds like a jumping good time! I know what you mean about indoor exercise. In January and February, the New Year’s resolution people show up and it gets too crowded. In the summer, I prefer to be outside, enjoying the warmth. In the end, though, I do need to go for upper body strength because I don’t get that on a bike πŸ™‚

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  3. I wish I could help you more, but I can tell you for sure it is not here. How do I know this? I have a sign on my door that says no solicitations or running mojo allowed!

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  4. Oh H, you make me laugh. I know, it is not supposed to be funny, but I just picture you looking all sad-eyed and searching for your Running Mojo under the bed along with the dust balls, behind the cupboard door flattened by the ironing board, or in the chest of drawers hiding among the lost keys and discarded coins. I’m sure it’ll come and and say “Boo” as son as that weather warms up again πŸ˜€
    As for me I have never had a Running Mojo to lose, in fact I’m not sure I have ever had a mojo at all…

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  5. Personally, H me love, I reckon it went for a run; and while it was out there achieving overly much, it found itself lost. (Is that an amusing grammatical construction ?)
    I wouldn’t worry, were I you (how happy you may be that such ain’t the case !): it’s bound to find its way back home … it’s just taking the long way.

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  6. I suspect your mojo and mine are out partying somewhere and we weren’t invited 😦

    It’s taken me a while, but I’ve discovered that my passion for running seems to pop up only every other year. Don’t know where it goes in the interim. I haven’t run a single kilometre since my last Half in November. I suspect the *bug* to start running will pop up again in the fall when the weather changes again πŸ™‚

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    • Well that’s just rude, that is. Why weren’t we invited??

      Now I don’t feel so bad for only running once in almost two months since the half marathon. Well, twice now after getting back out there yesterday after all. But don’t you think it’s so unfair that what takes 6 months to build up takes a mere few weeks to completely undo? I only ran 5km and it felt like 15. 😦


  7. It hasn’t just been cold. It has been freezing. Chill to the bone 😦 Maybe your running mojo has run off to a warmer place, maybe it will be back before you know it. Running or doing exercise indoors isn’t the same, but it is always an option.

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  8. Sorry it took me so long to reply…..I read this yesterday and didn’t have a clever reply to make. As you saw from my own recent posts, I’ve been out looking everywhere for my own muse! I will now redouble my efforts to include searching for yours. I’m almost sure they must be together…..little sods……

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  9. Without my reading glasses, I thought you’d lost your running mop. I was thoroughly confused. A lucky mop, for running? Very odd, that. Considering the source, however, not impossible.

    Upon re-reading, I better understand, and see that this is merely a temporary and seasonal change-of-trades.

    You will have SO much fun on that trampoline, MoSY!! (But please leave your mop at home. Jumping with a mop would be hazardous.)

    –O. Babe

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  10. I think we need an amber alert (beer/champagne) for all our missing mojos πŸ˜€ Something about this year that has seen an increase in these mysteries. My writing mojo has been hiding for months (or perhaps cocooning into moths?) as well. But I am going to go out on a limb here without pulling your leg, and suggest to try running barefoot. I know it’s winter there, but if you could find a gym where you could do this I think you would find it liberating. I used to love running barefoot in the gym when training as a gymnast. I felt I could run all day. Hated shoes. Have you heard of the Tarahumara tribe and/or the book ‘Born to Run’? It is a fascinating work regarding natural running and it might give you something to try and thus it might rekindle your mojo. Unfortunately writing barefoot hasn’t done it for me, I’ll have to try something else to lure my mojo back 😦

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  11. I think mine has reached red alert (wine) status.
    I looked into barefoot running a few years ago when I was having trouble with my knee and my research found evidence of barefoot running curing such ills. I’m a bit wussy, though, so I’m not sure I could do it outdoors. I asked about low profile shoes as an inbetween solution but it wasn’t recommended as I pronate pretty badly. But I’m always willing to give something new a try. I’ll put it back on the agenda. What’s your opinion of ‘monkey feet’ shoes?

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  12. I have not tried them and don’t know anyone who has. They look like a good option since running barefoot in an open environment is not a safe endeavour. I remember trying those trendy socks with toes and didn’t like them (inside shoes so that may be why), but you never know, whatever works.

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    • I can’t tell you how relieved I am to discover that multi-race-finishing, marathon-running types like you and Joanne have times of not feeling like running. It seemed to me that every time I read about some woman who was never a runner and then achieved some running feat (eg recent Aussie who won a 200-odd km race across some American desert recently), they always talked about how much they now love running and can’t imagine it not being a part of their life. I was beginning to think there was something terribly wrong with me.

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