Do I Really Want To “Meet The Blogger”?

Don’t we all?

Haven’t most of us, if not all, at some point expressed the wish that we could meet in person those with whom we have become friends in this online community of bloggers?

Some have already taken that step. Some have met bloggers who live nearby. Some have journeyed half a world away to clap eyes on the one who has loitered in their comment box for some time.

For those who have experienced this oft-expressed desire, how was it? How did you feel before the meeting? Excitement and anticipation? Or anxiety and fear? A bit of both?

How was the actual meeting? Was the blogger who you thought he/she would be? Did you talk as easily as you do at the virtual dinner table?

And what about afterwards? Was the online relationship the same or changed? Did you remain online friends or did meeting in person change your view of the other (or vice versa) so much that you are no longer in contact?

On Tuesday morning I will board an aeroplane bound for the City of The Great Iron Coat Hanger and The Iconic Operatic Sails to face my first “Meet The Blogger” occasion. Am I nervous? Only to the point of feeling like I’m going to throw up.


This is who I’m going to meet!


Sorry. Actually, this is The Blogger.

A little while ago I wrote in another post how I believe we can present the best side of ourselves in our online persona and that it is so much easier to hide the faulty parts of ourselves from those who only know us out in the ether. So what does that mean if we cross the border to personally meet friends who only know our online selves?

Will we be the person they expect? Will the irritating sides of ourselves that we have so carefully kept at bay rear their heads to shock our companion? Will our friend, by four o’clock in the afternoon, regret the offer made to stay with them??

Perhaps the title of this post should actually be “Does The Blogger Really Want To Meet Me?“.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough.


(Images Copyright to Margaret-Rose Stringer.)




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131 thoughts on “Do I Really Want To “Meet The Blogger”?

  1. Well, if you manage to get in a word edgeways you’ll be doing good! M-R is exactly as she is online, generous to a fault, a real Sheila 😀
    Now… what about you?
    Have fun. We’re all ears 🙂

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  2. You will–in some way and some part—- love each other, as you always have, since first you inexplicably came to be on the same wave length.

    P.S. I am really interested in this new way of human relating that is the internet, so do keep us posted!

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    • Oh no, it’s happening. (It better – I have a non-refundable ticket.) The reference to removing a chair was in relation to M-R’s decision to close down her blog next week. So there will be no corresponding post on her blog. Sorry about the confusion.
      I’m very happy to hear you’ve enjoyed your experiences. 🙂

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  3. Can’t wait to hear if the blogger really wants to meet you and what she things. I mean, I can’t wait to hear if the blogger is anything like she seems to be in her book and blog 😉

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  4. I knew where you were going the minute I saw Lui! I am certain your meeting with M-R will be great fun. She absolutely CANNOT be different in person than she has always been on her soon-to-be-missed blog. I believe her to be just as she has always seemed to us: smart, funny and wise. And she of course, will be just as happy to meet you.

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  5. I’ve been lucky to have met a few bloggers and the experience has always been the same … for all the reasons you enjoy them blogging, they are the same in person. I’m confident you and M-R will get along very well. Have a great time and my best regards to both of you 🙂

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  6. I have met one other blogger and her husband this past winter. The meet-up was just fine, although sometimes it felt like a first date – you know, the inquisition in trying to get to know one another better. I’d like to meet up with her again, when it’s warm, and we can ask even more questions over a beer or glass of wine.

    And now let me say that I am sooooooo jealous as I would love to hang out with the both of you. I remember telling M-R that I would love to sit at her kitchen table and swear back and forth over a cup of tea. I don’t swear much, but I just thought it would be cool to do that. So, for me, give Lui a soothing chin skritch and M-R a good swear word (your choice) and have a wonderful time!

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  7. I am sure she will be so much what you are expecting that it’ll be like visiting an old friend. Only difference is, from here on out, you’ll have a much more 3D image in your head when you see a comment pop up in your posts. I’ve had one meet up (as you’ll probably recall) and if you’re anything like me, you’re going to be so exhilarated once you’ve met her! Fun!

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  8. I have never met a fellow blogger but I would so love too. I suppose meeting a fellow blogger, you certainly have common ground in terms of blogging. Maybe the meet will sort of feel and be like catching up with old friends, conversations starting off from where you left off in the blog world. There is only so much we can hide in person, though. The worst and annoying sides of us tend to come out when we’ve known each other for a while and grown comfortable with each other.

    I am sure the two of you will have a good time and enjoy the trip 🙂

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    • I believe there is a tipping point in regard to our irritating sides and how comfortable we are with the friend. It’s being able to get to that comfort point where our annoying sides don’t matter any more because the friendship is strong enough to accept each other as we are. It’s the anticipation of the rocky path to that point that gives me hives.

      Funnily enough, the minute I hit Publish on this post, my nerves decreased by about 50%. A trouble/fear shared….

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  9. You’re going to meet M-R??? How exciting! I’m so jealous!! I’m sure you will have a great time, why wouldn’t you??
    I met one of my blog pals for the first time at the start of last year and it was great. Our online conversations just flowed straight into real life and we had a great day. We’ve now met up another few times and we are in constant contact via text and on the phone, she is now one of my best friends 🙂
    Just be you, I’m sure M-R won’t be anything but her wonderful self, and it will be great xx

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  10. I, also, am envious. I’m envious of Margaret-Rose, as well. She adores you, as you know. How many of us get to make new adored friends in our adult life? Meeting you will be so thrilling for her! I not-secretly harbor hopes it may also lift her out of what is her current state of depression–perhaps triggered by the renewed sense of loss when she had difficulty recovering those digital visual memories from when she was married.

    Her vid of her shows what she is like in person. All will go swimmingly. (I wish I could be a fly on the wall.) Many laughs will be had.

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    • Some of my nervousness lies in the fact that she has until now only had to adore me in small doses. I’m not sure what will be the impact of extended exposure. I have form. Too many weekends away with friends who soon after became Not Friends. 😦

      But I promise I go with an open, positive heart and I think, too, there will be a lot of laughter. 🙂

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      • Bring deodorant.

        Thise other friends just weren’t. That’s all. The way you expressed it, you fell short. Here is what I see:

        – Super-impressive witty You for a whole weekend? Fragile egos caved.

        – Super-in-shape You for a whole weekend? Fragile or envious egos rejected that You.

        Most women pettily envy other women. Natural outcome of competition for limited resources in a down market, but still disgusting. Margaret-Rose won’t have this flaw.

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      • I would LOVE to meet you in person. I have the same fears as has Heather (more so, because she is so multi-talented and multi-faceted, and has been living a full-life, whereas I have not been living a life at all for 3/5 of it) but I would set all those aside in order to meet you.

        I confess: One of my sons always wanted to visit Australia and I never saw the appeal. I thought of it as one big desert. Now I think of it as a place of so much beauty, and wonderful friends.

        Who knows? You do YOUR part: Keep healthy (and don’t give in to the sh#t we both have a tendency toward). I’ll do mine: Keep waiting for my two asses.
        I have a crazy idea I’ve been toying with that might get me travelling as soon as 2017.

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  11. I understand your hesitation – I’ve met one other blogger, and the arrangements felt like an online or blind dating experience. But that’s where the similarity ended. In that all anxiety evaporated upon meeting face-to-face.

    Please take my greetings to the Margaret Rose and Lui!

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  12. I’m a little envious. I haven’t met any fellow bloggers and have wondered if I would want to, and whether it might be just too much like a blind date. My exception to this IS Margaret Rose who, I suspect, personifies WYSIWYG. Give her (and Lui) my love in whatever form feels appropriate. And enjoy your date with our friend. 🙂

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  13. My knees would be knocking if I was meeting the irascible Mrs. M! (but then, I’m a wuss, H- you’ll be fine, as was Jude 🙂 )
    I met Catbird (Cathy Dutchak) a couple of years ago and we got on great. It does leave you with a very real affection for the person afterwards. And I met a lovely lady called Viv in France. We hiked up the face of a local landmark, Northumberlandia, together. Viv is a good age and not in the best of health now so it was a privilege to meet. Yes- it does fill me with trepidation. I’m not a very interesting or dynamic person, and I’m always desperate to be loved… nuff said 🙂
    Except that in August I expect to be meeting another blogger. Viveka from Sweden is coming to Bristol for the Hot Air Balloon Fest, and coincidentally I will be there. More nervousness! But that’s just me. You’ll be fine 🙂 Give her my best!

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    • Talk about nerves. As soon as I booked the air ticket I honestly thought I was going to be sick! I’m sure it WILL be fine but that doesn’t stop the knees from knocking. 🙂

      Good to hear you’ve had some lovely meet ups and another on the horizon. How lucky!

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  14. It is of course a brave move but also a calculated move. I doubt that you would have bought the ticket had your radar been bleeping dangerously. I have met a fellow blogger when I was travelling in New Zealand, an it was a very positive experience. We were able to share much more in a face to face gathering than you can through the blogosphere ( mind you M-R does a great job of giving us her real personality, and doesn’t hold back!).
    I have also met many penfriends overseas, ( penfriends to me were the forerunners of blogger friends), and all have become closer to me through the experience. I have met them on many occasions, over the years, we have stayed at each other’s places and we have learnt so much about each other and their cultures. I think this meeting can either deepen your friendship and/or satisfy your curiosity. Given that you are starting from a point where you already have much in common, this can be an advantage in developing a lasting friendship. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. Enjoy!!

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  15. Finally, we’ll hear about the real M-R!! Her photos have always shown her to be very chic and I’m sure her warmth will melt any trepidation.
    Naturally we’ll all enjoy hearing about your experiences. Maybe you’ll inspire M-R to start another salon; one where she doesn’t feel pressured to read anyone else’s blog and where she can just enjoy the experience. ❤ love to you both!

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  16. I am so excited for you! I have no doubt you and M- R will have a fabulous time. I have met several bloggers now and I was nervous but the experience in all four meetings has been great fun!

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  17. Oh how exciting, you are going to meet the fabled M-R. I hope you both have a fabulous time. I had a very enjoyable meeting with Howard Goldenberg when he was one one of his fly-pasts – we could have gone on talking for many more hours!

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  18. I have just spent three days with someone who is EXACTLY as I knew she would be.
    Never shall I forget practically falling off my chair with delight when, many moons ago, she came into the Salon one night, in response to Mr Rosenberger (our much absent mate) demanding a drink, with some inspired off-the-cuff response in her rôle as barkeep. But as I now know a whole shitload more about her involvement in theatre, all is clear. 🙂 She’s a natural.
    We have talked ourselves almost into silence during this short time, and I have ascertained that she is actually cleverer than I had thought. She is also a devoted mother and wife, and runs her household as I would wish all mums to do – fun, good manners and sharing being some of her standards.
    She is hilarious; she is compassionate; she is widely-travelled with a never-satisfied enquiring mind; she is as far from being ageist as it’s possible to be.
    I recommend all of you who follow this blog to do your best to meet up with her, some time or other.

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    • I feel somewhat ridiculous that I was so nervous because the minute I walked out of that lift I knew I was face to face with someone I knew so well. You were more than I expected – more lovely (yes, you are! don’t argue with me), more hilarious, more clever, more fascinating, more generous – all the things I knew about you but amplified. What a blast we had! It must not be our last.

      I was already planning on getting your side of the story out there somehow so no grovelling will be required. 😉

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  19. I’ve met several bloggers now and it’s always the same. I feel as if I already know them so well and we have no trouble making conversation. Some I’ve kept in touch with via email since and we’ve become great friends. It’s a whole new world!

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