Master of the Speaking Circuit


I was once in demand on the speaking circuit.

Asked back year after year, there was no doubt of the appreciation for the information I had to impart and how well it was received.

One year, my talk was so successful, it was made into a book.

I just found it the other day.

A Trip to Peru


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We all have our successes in a million little ways.


Edit: There has been some confusion as to the illustrator. “1/2 Lucas” refers to composite Grade 1 and 2 taught by Miss Lucas. All the drawings were done by the children in the class. I just blocked out their names on the pages for privacy reasons. Weird how cultural assumptions never seem to translate automatically….




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47 thoughts on “Master of the Speaking Circuit

    • It was an amazing experience and I’d love to do another such trip. My word of advice would be to choose your program carefully. Make sure it is one that works closely with the locals to ensure you are building something they actually need and that there’s also follow through. It’s no good building a school in a village if you don’t then help them fund furniture, books and a teacher’s salary.

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  1. Wonderful illustrations. The children certainly know how to use their colourful pencils/crayons/paints, they illustrations do fit your words. Maybe you should pay the kids a visit again and chat the day away with them. Then they’d have something to look forward to at school and look forward to drawing more in class ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Now, this is classic. A wonderful idea to share your experience with the young and have them illustrate what they took from your talk. Master of Something Yet already inspiring young bloggers. I can see it now…..yes, you’ve got them on their way to illustrating their posts and everything. I love the llama and horse drawings on the same page…’s clearly a llama since it has no mane. Do feel bad for that horse though……am wondering if it was actually not a full-bred horse, but a llama-horse mix? ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. What a gruelling and fantastic experience! The teaching, of course. And the trip–the trip, also! Very impressive, and the good must have far outweighed the uncomfortable and tiring bad.

    The book is wonderful. I didn’t know the L trick. I had never heard of an Emergency Horse, and hope I retain that important concept for a while. I wish I had an emergency animal. Mine would be a bunny.

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