The Flying Beetroot: Running Solo

The Flying Beetroot Running Solo

The beauty of the Internet in general and the blogging community in particular is that whatever challenge you take on, someone somewhere has done something similar to inspire you.

So, deciding in middle age to attempt a (sort of) long-distance running event, I have discovered no shortage of women who have gone before me. And further.

Joanne, Sue and Annie have all completed numerous half-marathons and even marathons at ages more advanced than I. How could I not persist in my efforts with these inspiring women in my sights?

But there’s one small problem. Each of these women and others that I know who have achieved similar feats all have one thing in common – partners/husbands who are runners. So there is someone there to say, “Honey/ Sweetheart/ Darling/ [insert favourite endearment here], let’s go for a run.” And they’ve often been there at the actual events to help push them along.

This is not the case for me. I am married to a man who thinks I walk too fast. I have three sons who would only see running as beneficial if they were being chased by a zombie horde. Even then, I suspect they would find somewhere to hide and come up with a technological solution to escape.

I do have one or two running friends who are not married to runners but they all seem to own dogs who are happy to run with them. I don’t have that either. Leonardo the Cat would view running with disdain.

Leonardo the Cat

So the only person who can get me out that door and onto the running track is me. The only one who can push me to that finish line on the day has to be me.

At least……………

That’s what I used to think. I have recently come to realise that I may not have a physical running partner beside me but what I do have is a large international community of friends and fellow bloggers who are running with me in my head. YOU are the ones who get me out the door. YOU are the ones who keep pushing me on when I want to give up.

Well, you and The Spreadsheet.

Speaking of which….

Training runs 8

Yeah, it’s still all green. Boring, huh?

But there are stories behind those monotonous green boxes. Not all of them have been coloured with ease.

Like the Sunday 14km run a couple of weeks ago when I had another rowing regatta that day. I rowed my two races in the morning and then ran 14km in the afternoon. In the rain.

And the next Sunday when I got to run with the Spreadsheet Enforcer. And, despite yakking the whole way, managed to run my best time for that distance. (Hm. You see what I mean about the advantage of a running partner.)

Or the Fridays that have been added to the mix in the past few weeks. I always have rowing on Friday mornings and then I must race home, deliver kids to school and get myself to my community singing group by 9am. The 5km run always has to wait until later in the day. Not fun on a hot Summer’s day.

What else? Pardon? Oh, you noticed. Yes, there is some red text there in that green box. What does it mean? It means I ran the longest distance I have ever run in my life that day. It was a Red Letter Day. The Gauntlet Thrower ran that one with me. Only in my head. We had been discussing the run the night before so she was very much present with me. I don’t believe I would have made it without her. It was a hot day and since I’d had commitments in the morning and they were forecasting thunderstorms for the afternoon, I had no choice but to run in the middle of the day. Let’s just say running 16km in the heat is… er… challenging.

So, two-thirds of the way through training and I’m still on a solid green track. Thanks for coming with me.

*Music Track: “One” performed by John Farnham



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41 thoughts on “The Flying Beetroot: Running Solo

  1. H, you are a bloody WONDER ! I never cease to be amazed by you, my love – and probably never will. How you drive yourself like this is well beyond my comprehension; but I must assume it’s making up for something you feel you haven’t done. Which is in all probability rubbish, as you’re one of the most conscientious people I’ve ever known.
    LOVE the Farnham track (of course !).
    Thank you simply for being there, and around, and … for being you !

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  2. Wow! You are the most amazing beetroot ever! I can’t imagine getting through rowing let alone running after that ….and in the rain? OMG. Do however recognize those children you have….the ones that would curl up with a technological solution rather than defy inertia……yes, have one of those here too. I’m so glad to be along on your journey, even from a distance….we may push you forward but you inspire us!

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    • Thanks! It’s a mutual appreciation society out here in the blogosphere, don’t you think? 🙂

      These past summer holidays were so easy with three boys happy to sit in front of screens all day. Yes, I was Bad Mother. I was too tired to force them to do anything else. Part of me did miss the younger days when we’d play at the playground all morning or spend the day at the beach. We did go berry picking one day. Afternoon tea at the cafe cost me 80 bucks. Sometimes I can live with being Bad Mother.

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  3. H I may be on the other side of the world but know I am waving my Canadian Pom Poms like a mad woman. You are totally right that it is so much easier with a partner to encourage and push and wipe the tears when things get really bad. Look how great you are doing!! A partner would just slow you down. You go girl!!

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    • Canadian Pom Poms? They’re made of bacon and smell of maple syrup? Cool!
      I really did enjoy having an actual person running along beside me the other day. I am becoming adept at bringing along inspiring running partners like yourself in my head, but people do look at me weird if I try and have a conversation with you.

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  4. You are doing so well H, or should I say Aitch, especially when the weather is testing you. I listen out for the Geelong weather forecasts now and think of you! You must be feeling great with all of this activity. 🙂

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  5. Keep running. With the schedule you have – running AND rowing – I don’t know what can stop you from slowing down. Running in the rain? Impressive. Maybe the rain gives you extra energy 😀 I am sure you will finish a long-distance event soon. And will be aiming for another. And another 🙂

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  6. You have all my admiration and support, if that is of any help, sorry I can’t run with you (can;t even walk properly at the moment 😦 ) but you are one determined – and fit – beetroot! Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE beetroot? Well I do. SO there.

    PS I prefer the Harry Nilssen version…

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  7. Oh MOSY – you are doing so amazingly well!!

    In spite of having a partner who runs, I also train alone. Gilles is just too strong and quite frankly he really doesn’t understand my issues as a runner. Much like Sue said, I always run with my tunes which helps keep me going.

    We may not be running beside you, but we are definitely cheering you on! Go Beet, Go!!

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    • Oh, Joanne, I am actually very heartened by that bit of news. Thank you. Sometimes I have doubts I’ll make it on my own. It’s good to know it’s possible. Mind you, when I am struggling, that’s when I try and write the “I did it” blog post in my head as I run and that makes me finish because I want to be able to go home and actually write it. 🙂 I do love having you all in my head, cheering me on. xxx

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  8. I have a look on my face right now similar to Leonardo the Cat (although I don’t look as cool): it’s not one of disdain but more of a don’t-look-at-me-I-feel-wholly-inadequate-next-to-you kind of look. I envy your energy, honestly.

    Also, this puts me off: “despite yakking the whole way”. I can’t exercise and talk at the same time, which is why I don’t like cycling, running, etc with my husband, who loves to yak. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

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    • Well, admittedly, it’s a kind of stilted yakking. Always a convenient pause in the conversation when we hit a hill. And you get recovery time when the other person is speaking and vice versa.

      To be totally honest, I don’t know how it happens. When I’m running on my own, I can’t imagine having the breath to talk to someone but when they’re actually there…. I’ll never really understand it.

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