Two Bloggers Walk Into A Bar….Or Onto A Road

WP on highway

Scene: Two WordPress bloggers meet somewhere on the information superhighway. Or, rather, on the pedestrian section of the information superhighway. We don’t want anyone run over by speed demons. You know, those bloggers who churn out posts at lightning speed, sometimes multiple times a day.

Random Blogger: Oh, hello MOSY! How have you been?

MOSY: Ah, okay, I guess.

RB: Haven’t seen you about much lately. What have you been up to?

MOSY: Oh, I’ve been a bit busy, actually. With the three R’s.

RB: Wow. Have you gone back to study?!

MOSY: Er….noooo. Three R’s? Running, Rowing and Recovering.

RB: Rowing and running?

MOSY: Yeeees. Sometimes I row and then run. One after the other. Hence the third R, of course.

RB: So, you’re telling me you’re insane.

MOSY: I’m not insane. My mother had me tested.

RB: Oh dear. Has it been that bad for that long?

MOSY: Really? You don’t know a quote from The Big Bang Theory when you hear one?

RB: The big what?

[MOSY rolls her eyes and sighs]

MOSY: Don’t you have a photo challenge to write about or something?

RB: Nah. I don’t really like the theme this week.


RB: You know, I do recall seeing you somewhere lately. On some blog or other.

MOSY: Well, yes, I’ve tried at least to keep up with other people’s blogs. Put my two cents worth in. Although, given the exchange rate lately, it’s more like one and a half cents worth on those Northern Hemisphere blogs.

RB: That’s right. You were making some bizarre comment about banana daiquiris or something. It was kind of amusing.

MOSY: Yeah, well, it’s easy to be witty in small doses.

RB: Witty? Was that what you were trying to be?

[MOSY stares at RB]

MOSY: Are you sure you don’t want to do this week’s photo challenge? I heard they’re offering prizes. [MOSY crosses her fingers behind her back]

RB: REALLY?? Oh, I’d better get right on that! I think I’ve got something from a few years ago that will be perfect!

MOSY: Yes, you’d best get on to that. You’re definitely in the running.

RB: Are you sure you’ll be okay? Will I see you again?

MOSY: Oh, you know me. Always hanging around like a bad smell. Or a bad electronic presence anyway.

RB: But you’ll post something soon, right? I mean, you know that if you don’t post regularly people will stop reading your blog?

MOSY: Right. [MOSY sighs]

Closing scene: The Random Blogger rushes away to trawl through photo archives while MOSY pulls out her laptop, stares at the New Post page for a few minutes, sighs, then puts it away and sticks out her thumb for a lift.



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36 thoughts on “Two Bloggers Walk Into A Bar….Or Onto A Road

  1. How do I count the ways I love this post? And how do RBs churn out that many posts every single day? It’s exhausting. For me, I mean, to see them come through relentlessly on my Reader. Sheesh, don’t these people have a “L?” Which is what you’re really busy with… exciting, active “L” which includes those three Rs and a three boys too I think. Yes, mention of banana daiquiris has been duly noted. NO, I won’t go away should you post less frequently because then I might miss the awesomeness of things like the accompanying photo to this post. Speaking of Weekly Photo Challenges…..

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  2. What – you mean blogging isn’t someone’s whole life?! I can’t believe it! 🙂 (Dearly love your little bloggers on the road in the pic! So creative you are!)

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    • Of course, one of the advantages of all this running and rowing is I get plenty of time to have conversations with myself. Actually, no, not when I’m rowing. I’m too busy trying to remember the million and three things I have to do to make sure the stroke is right. “Flat hands, even pressure, relax the shoulders, don’t race the slide, straight wrist, don’t dig the oar in, pull through to the finish….” And the one we were told by the coach yesterday “Don’t forget to breathe.” 😀


  3. On the other hand, some of us will stop following those people who have no life beyond blogging and churn out several posts a day. I don’t blog everyday. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I am what I call a drive-by blogger. Maybe today, maybe not. Maybe next week, maybe not. and because I am also not one of those on Facebook constantly, tweeting constantly, yapping on my cell phone constantly, I obviously do not care how many 10’s of thousands folks follow my blog. I have a small following and I like the folks who do follow. they seem to like me. we have time to do some communication with each other. Our lives are not #hashtag #freaking constantly #never disconnected because we are so #insecure. Excellent post. And did you hear the one about the horse and the WordPress blogger who went into a bar? the horse says to the WP Blogger….why such a round face? Excellent post.

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    • Ha! 😀 Thanks, Kanzen. “Drive-by blogger” – I like that.
      Sometimes it’s not so much I don’t have something to say but that the thing I want to say involves some prior preparation (a drawing or recording a song) and I just don’t have the time to get it done. So the words (which may come easier) just have to wait. And I’d rather wait than put out something else for the sake of posting.
      Like you, I long ago let go of worrying about how many followers I had or how many read my posts. I like my little supportive community too and just as they understand it may take me a few days to get around to commenting, I know if they don’t turn up occasionally, they’ll be back soon.


      • Yes indeed. I sometimes have a post rumbling about in my head for several days before it gets posted, or need more research or the perfect bit of music or photo. I would rather do quality rather than quanity. You’d think some of these folks get paid per post. I stopped following one lady because she was blocking up my reader – all throught the day, at least 5 posts a day and many of them were just reblogs or junk.

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  4. PISSED meself ! 😀
    Have no problem with the moving finger’s pointing at me (amongst others !) re multiple posts: it just happens some days is all I can say. 🙂
    I wish I had this kind of imagination !!!!!
    My problem is that I honestly don’t: I DO have a very lively one, but it’s not … CREATIVE, you know ? My imaginings are all based on things that have happened, it seems to me, and then embroidered on. I would never be able to come up with a wonderful, idiotic scenario like this.
    BOO-HOO !!!!

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  5. Sooooo…you’re a bit busy, eh? Have a hard time writing a post these days? (although this one is grand) Can’t keep up with reading and commenting on other people’s blogs? (I’ll take the 1.5 cents toward cat food) Is your life getting in the way? Well, bunkie, join the club: There is no fee. You don’t have to be tested for insanity. And your followers will continue to follow you because you’re too damn funny. Bonus: The club allows dark chocolate and dirty pompoms.

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