Yes, I Am Jealous Of The Fourth Of July

Today is Australia Day. I made my thoughts about the day pretty clear last July. Today, our Prime Minister has chosen to award an Australian Knighthood (no, I don’t know why we have them either) to Prince Philip. That’s right, husband of our Monarch who lives in England. (No, I don’t know why we have to have an English monarch as our Head of State either.)
So I figured I might just as well reblog my feelings about Australia Day, now more buried in cringe than ever before, and go about my day as normal. It’s Republic Day in India – perhaps I’ll celebrate that instead.

Master of Something I'm Yet To Discover

Me, aged about 10 months (Lexington, KY)

Today is the Fourth of July, American Independence Day.

I’m not American. The photo above was taken when we spent a year of my earliest life living in Kentucky. I spoke my first words with an American accent.

Australians know all about Independence Day. It figures prominently in Hollywood and every US television series from Leave It To Beaver to The Wonder Years to Modern Family has had at least one Fourth of July themed episode (or so it seems).

In some ways, I envy the USA and the passion they hold for their national day. Along with their Northern cousins, they celebrate a day they became a nation in their own right, whether through war and bloodshed or, as my Canadian blogging friend Joanne put it, by asking “our British Motherland for permission“.

I also envy them their flags, unique…

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17 thoughts on “Yes, I Am Jealous Of The Fourth Of July

  1. I’m so pleased you wrote about Prince Phillip receiving a knighthood, how ludicrous that is! It just shows where Abbott’s allegiances lie.
    I am thrilled with Rosie Batty receiving Australian of the Year though. I do believe her tireless work will benefit all Australians.

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  2. Seriously?! He choses to honour Prince Philip? … of all people? … on Australia Day? What a knob. Yeah – I meant both Prince Philip and Abbott.

    It would be interesting to put you and my husband in a room together to share your opinions on the monarchy. He might finally meet someone who dislikes the monarchy and its ongoing connection to “the colonies” as much as he does 😉

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    • Oh, Joanne, I had to check I wasn’t reading some joke news site when I first read it. It’s bizarre beyond all the bizarre things he’s done in the past 18 months.
      Put Gilles, me and a bottle of red in a room, make a provocative comment about the monarchy and no one will get a word in edgewise for the next hour. 😀


    • It became quite the topic to be discussed and was all over the web. Here’s his response when he was asked about the Twitter storm about his choice: “Social media is kind of like electronic graffiti and I think that in the media, you make a big mistake to pay too much attention to social media.”
      The man is so far out of touch, I’m pretty sure he’s living in another dimension…
      You’d have to quietly listen because the only way you’d get a word in is if Gilles and I happened to draw breath simultaneously. But you’d have to be quick!

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