The Shock Of Finding Out You’re Actually Canadian

So I just found out I’m Canadian.

I am not a Southern Hemisphere dwelling lover of surfing and cuddler of koalas. Maple syrup flows in my veins and I have a penchant for mooses. Or is it mise?

Canada 1

Nah, don’t worry. There hasn’t been the big reveal of some deep dark family secret. I just took a quiz to discover my “inner nationality”.

The Internet is awash with pop quizzes that will tell you what job you should be doing, what breed of dog you would be or – my favourite – what Sesame Street character you are. (I got Mr Snuffleupagus. Of course.)

Some are a bit more obscure like the one that asks “What 4-letter word best describes you?” (Someone should develop one of those just for politicians with appropriate 4-letter word answers. I have a few suggestions.) Some will try to guess your real age or your middle name. (Actually, that last one is ridiculous…but yes, I still did it. They got it wrong. Duh.)

But you have to be picky. Some are annoyingly obvious and telegraph which answer you’re heading for so clearly, you could engineer the answer you want with your eyes closed. Or at least half-closed because, you know, you still have to see the screen to answer the questions.

Quizzes about your nationality that ask you what your favourite food is and give you options like Pizza or Sushi and what your favourite movie is out of choices including The Godfather and Godzilla are, frankly, a waste of time.

Yes, okay, so they’re all a waste of time, but I have found some of them so pinpoint accurate it’s almost creepy. And I can’t pick where they’re going with the questions either.

I was rather thrilled to be told my inner nationality was Canadian. All you lovely Canadian bloggers out there – no wonder I’ve felt an affinity. And we are soon to have a Canuck marry into the family so that’s all right. Here’s how they describe a Canadian:


I’ve never been so proud to wear a knitted jumper sweater (sigh – this could take some getting used to) with a giant maple leaf on the front.

Oh, if you’re wondering which quiz site it is that told me I am a 20-year-old Canadian Writer who is Real and a Diligently good person, it’s this one. (Direct link to Nationality quiz here.)

So. Who are you really?

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90 thoughts on “The Shock Of Finding Out You’re Actually Canadian

  1. LOL. And here I was about to commiserate with you! A few years ago I found out I’m 25% Irish, and not 25% Scottish like my grandfather had lead his family to believe. Okay, he was born in Lancashire, England – but all four of his grandparents and his mother were born in Ireland. 😀 😀 😀

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  2. What fantastic news! Next thing you know you will be my long lost sister. Now you must learn to say eh at the end of your sentences and drop the term jumper. 🙂 I’m off to see what nationality I am.

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  3. Not sure I dare find out! Quiz titles interesting (“How long will you live?”). Wasn’t the psychobitch in Gone Girl a quiz writer by profession? (A: True)


  4. How interesting. You’re an inner Canadian. Maybe you might have a long-lost Canadian cousin or grandparent, you really just never know and it could be true 😀 Sometimes I like to re-do these quizzes, picking different answers that are still true to my character and end up getting something else altogether.

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    • I had a friend who was so jealous I got Snuffy on the Sesame Street quiz she re-did the test to get Snuffy too. It took her 13 times to get it. 😀
      I’ve also given up on some quizzes when the questions infuriate me with a lack of “All of the above” or “None of the above” options which for me are the only option to some questions.


      • I am so with you there. I too give up on quizzes that I can’t find the answers to most questions. And then we begin to see that these quizzes are just games…sometimes a waste of time 🙂 Hope you’re doing well this year so far 🙂

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  5. I haven’t taken this quiz yet, but I did one similar a few months ago and discovered that I should live in New Zealand (now bear in mind that I hadn’t actually been there at that point). Imagine my delight when I did and fell in love – sadly though I don’t have enough money to be able to retire there 😦 Be interesting to find out my nationality!

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    • Well, this is a surprise! I wonder which answer prompted this result? I suspect it was the ambitious one (because I am not sociable, nor very caring (just ask the OH about man-flu) and what does ‘helpful’ actually mean?

      Your inner nationality is: Japanese

      Naturally, you are a person of very high self-worth. You are what people consider to be a very high-quality human being. The kind of person everyone aspires to be (and be with). You are capable of excelling in any pursuit you set your mind to. You challenge yourself at everything you do, and you wonderfully recognize that the only person to compete against is your past self. You are definitely on the road of enlightenment.

      Better shift my fat a**e off the sofa then…. 😀

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    • Well, that’s very interesting. I did a couple of others just as a test case and one said I was Irish and another that I was French. I am an international mystery, it seems. They were terrible quizzes, though (like the ones described above).


  6. Well, they got the nationality right, but the description doesn’t sound like most Americans I know! –
    Your inner nationality is:
    You are a deeply caring, understanding, and charitable human being. You are the kind of gem that people spend years trying to find. A deeply compassionate soul, you love and help others altruistically. You have a genuine affection that is easily recognizable and highly commendable. Honestly, we’d all want nothing more than to have more of you in this world!

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  7. I LOVE Canadians! (Except when they send us their freezing cold air.) Congrats on your new nationality. I don’t usually take these quizzes for some of the reasons you mention, but in this case, I did. So here it is. I am:


    “To say you understand people and care for others charitably would be an understatement. You are the kind of gem that people spend years trying to find. A deeply compassionate soul, you love and help others altruistically. You have a genuine affection that is easily recognizable and highly commendable. Honestly, we’d all want nothing more than to have more of you in this world!”

    I humbly accept this…but not too seriously :-p

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