Cheese Pies And Shortbread – A Christmas Tradition

For some it’s Grandma’s traditional plum pudding. For others it’s Dad’s secret roast turkey recipe. Maybe for you it’s Great Aunt Maude’s famous fruitcake.

Christmas food traditions are as much a part of the celebration as the tree and the gifts.

In my family it has always been cheese pies and shortbread.

The shortbread makes sense. Descended from Glaswegians on both sides, the Scottish favourite is a given.


It was always made into petticoat tails when I was growing up but I’m rather partial to a cookie cutter.

But cheese pies? I’ve no idea. They’ve just always appeared at Christmas time. Childhood memories of helping to make them are not only mine but belong also to my nephews and sons.

The Christmas baking bug finally bit last week. The Eldest Son had received his final year results, everyone was happy and relieved and it was finally time to focus on the upcoming festivities.

Blessed with a cool day and with Christmas music blaring, four batches of cheese pies and two lots of shortbread were churned out.

The smell of fresh-baked cheese pies conjured memories of Christmas past, bringing peace in the grief of Christmas present.



EDIT: If you have come looking for the Cheese Pies recipe, I am afraid it has had to be removed for personal reasons. You’ll just have to drool over the photograph.



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31 thoughts on “Cheese Pies And Shortbread – A Christmas Tradition

  1. Crikey, H – you bloody tempt me, you horrible thing ! 😀
    These look absolutely DELICIOUS !
    Pity you can’t cook. Or draw. Or run. Or blog. Or raise a family. Or – I’m bored now.
    X !

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  2. The cheese pies look super yummy. My mom and dad used to make the best fruit cake – eve the haters would have loved theirs. I miss that, but I have started a tradition of my own with cookies. It’s wonderful to have those traditions because it does give a special meaning to Christmas.

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    • Sorry, Barbara. I got into trouble for sharing it. :/ Never did understand family secrets.

      Hey, is it your birthday where you are? ‘Cos it was yesterday here so I’m slightly confused.

      Well, whatever, hope you have/had/will have a Very Happy Birthday!!


      • Oh, dash it. Well, I suppose that is what the internet is useful for….sleuthing out good recipes, right? Actually, yes, it IS my birthday for about four more hours. It is the 22nd here and already the 23rd there, if I’m not mistaken. Speaking of sleuthing, I’m impressed you know that. Did I leave a clue somewhere?? XX

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  3. I still find it odd to read about how hot it is for you at Christmas. I’m struggling with the image!

    I’m behind schedule this year and I’m hoping I’ll be able to make some shortbread cookies today. They are not a tradition for either Gilles or I, but I started making them a few years ago when I discovered we both had a deep lust for them.

    Your cheese pies look amazing and well …. they’re cheese. How much better can that be?! I am curious though – what’s a patty pan? yes – I had a chance to read the recipe before it disappeared into the vapour. Hopefully Mr Google can help me find a version 🙂


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