Self-Identity Is A Mug’s Game

I can’t help wondering if I’m beginning to define myself by my crockery…

I scored a new mug for my birthday.

Crazy Mug

I’ve decided this is going to be my motto for my forty-mumblemumbleth year. The last year was all about Oxfam Trailwalker, the blog and Unexpected Drawings. Okay, so maybe it was my motto last year, but this time it’s intentional.

Quite a number of new mugs have come my way in the past year and many of them from friends or family who seem to think I need a boost in a certain direction. I guess if you spend much of your time questioning who you are and what you should be doing, it has that effect on people. Like the one I wrote about a little while ago. Still working on that one. Obviously.

Here’s the full collection of my best ones.

Mug's Game

I think it shows that I am not only a Jack of All Trades but a Jack of All Mugs. Or, possibly, a Mug of All Mugs.

There’s Creative Me, Frustrated Me, Geek Me, Crazy Me and Doubtful Me. Someone has tried to coax out Girly Me but I’m not sure she even exists. Only one of those did I buy myself. It’s the Oxfam Shop Fair Trade mug. That’s Humanitarian Me. She tends to make the others uncomfortable about spending money unless it’s going to do some good in the world.

I think it also shows that my friends and family don’t know what I am either.

But you know what? I’m okay with that. I mean, look at all the cool mugs I get to drink from – one for every occasion, mood or mania.

This post was actually inspired by Trent over at Trent’s World. He has been teasing me with his Beatles mug collection over coffee. I’m yet to see the whole album collection but I am insanely jealous. I only have one Beatles mug:

White Album Mug



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26 thoughts on “Self-Identity Is A Mug’s Game

  1. I suspect this entire post was built around you fervent desire to make that final statement, H ! [grin] – and it’s bloody brilliant, too !
    You are definitely obsessed with your identity, and I’m wondering if it matters a lot …?
    Does any of us know what we are ?
    You know WHO you are, after all: you’re H, and that’s that.
    But as for the rest – I wouldn’t worry too much; most of us have never worked it out, even though 1½ times your age ! 😉


  2. Yeah, I have the White Album too…. ; ) I’m down at the camp this weekend so I’ll have to break out the mugs and good a good picture for you. I don’t have ALL of them. And one type of mug is awfully boring when compared to the whole range you displayed.


  3. Great post, H. I, too, have an assortment of mugs….all appropriate for one mood or another. My favorite right now is from my sister, Mary, who loves that I live in the South where we talk a little funny and have our own little expressions. The mug says “Bless Your Heart.” So “bless your heart” you’ve never pigeon-holed yourself into one dreary category…..and keep collecting those mugs.

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  4. “I think it also shows that my friends and family don’t know what I am either….” or perhaps you are something different to all of them? I love your mug collection….it’s very versatile and colourful. Wouldn’t it be quite boring if all your mugs were just plain white with no colour to be seen at all? I think we’ll take our MOSY just as she is!

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  6. Yes where DID that floral mug come from? One for when you are in your ‘little old lady’ mood? I think NOT!
    Now I feel very boring – I do have a selection of mugs – sweet I Love Grandma mug, ones with children’s drawings from a PG Tips competition, a pretty cat mug without a handle (but too sweet to throw away so it is used to hold pens) and a Gardener mug – but the ones I use? Are plain white china mugs. See, told you, BORING…

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    • 😀 So you’ve got a Beatles White Album mug too?! What are the others? The Narnia White Queen mug and an Antarctic explorers mug, right?

      I think the givers of the flowery mug were trying to engender me with a sort of old fashioned elegance (in which I am clearly lacking). On the other hand, they are at least 15 years younger than I am so maybe they were trying to tell me something else… :-/

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  7. Oh very funny with the White Album mug. 🙂 I love the diversity of your personality as displayed by the mug assortment. Now I am curious to see the size of your kitchen cupboard if that is a sampling of this year’s gifts!


  8. Hey! Where did this post come from buried deep in my mailbox?!! .How did I miss this?
    .. and I must be tired because I really didn’t get the white mug joke. *sigh*

    LIke so many others said before me, I think your mug collection simply plays into your multi-faceted interests. My favourite has to be the one with all the coloured crayons 🙂


    • I’ve done that. Clicked through to a post, glanced at the previous posts in the sidebar and thought “I don’t remember that one…”

      A friend sent me a link on Facebook to another mug she thought I’d like the other day. Another friend commented that I had quite enough mugs, thank you. 😀 I am tempted, though. It says “I am silently correcting your grammar.” I want it for the staffroom at school. 😉


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