All Manner Of Verbs And All Verbs Of Manner

I love these writing prompts that ask me to define myself in some way. Makes me laugh out loud.

To be, to have, to think, to move – which of these verbs is the one you feel most connected to? – Daily Prompt, Part A

Hm. Which of those verbs do I connect to?

All of them. Natch.

For example, today:

I had a blood donation appointment and the offspring had a movie-making afternoon so I had to be a donor and a taxi. Also house cleaner, cook, washerwoman, blah blah blah, daily grind.

Despite the fact that I am prone to getting kicked out of the Blood Bank and put on 6 months’ suspension because of low iron levels, I went for a run this morning. With Spring very much in the air, I had to moveAnd hang the consequences. (It’s okay, I passed my haemoglobin test. Almost failed the blood pressure test but that’s an issue for another day.)

Then I had a planning meeting where I got to think about creative ways to express an idea, something to which I am rather partial.

I’m not big on the have – I don’t need to have things. [She says as she tries to ignore the piano, guitar, banjo and ukulele sitting in the corner.] Okay, so maybe a bit.

Or is there another verb that characterizes you better? – Daily Prompt, Part B

To pursue? (New things) To invent? (New Mes) To pretend? (I know what I’m doing)

To decide. That, like everything else about me, there is no one thing.

A Jack of All Verbs.

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17 thoughts on “All Manner Of Verbs And All Verbs Of Manner

    • Thanks! Took up rowing last year (just as something to do). Rowed 4-5 times a week in a single all through winter but dropped out over much of summer when the river got too crowded. Back to it now but just once a week in a quad scull. Missing the single so hoping to get back to that and row more often.

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  1. These Daily Prompts … Ben has long since run out of ideas (as I’m sure he’d be the first to admit) and needs to be moved on to doing something Else. Krista was the queen of this area ! – let’s protest to have her back ! 😉

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  2. I love this!! ….
    To pursue? (New things) To invent? (New Mes) To pretend? (I know what I’m doing)
    To decide. That, like everything else about me, there is no one thing.
    A Jack of All Verbs.

    I can really relate to this too!
    …and I also went to the Blood Donor Clinic today. A Neg … 50th donation 🙂

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