The Sun Is Waiting

When Ukulele Me made an appearance recently, I gave a commitment to post some ukulele music in the not-too-distant future. Accustomed as I am to doing things the hard way, I’ve chosen to write an original song.

Life has been a bit difficult lately but through it all I have been grateful for the gift of being able to express the unexpressable through the written word and through music.

It’s a song about hope, the only thing you can cling to when the world turns dark. The sun will always be waiting to shine light into the deepest shadows.

This song is dedicated to my friend Lisa who knows more than most about waiting for the sun.



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32 thoughts on “The Sun Is Waiting

  1. Thanks pal. What a beautiful gift – on so many of levels, not least the gift of your creativity, It is such a gentle, comforting, reassuring song. So good for the soul! I just love it ❤


  2. It’s a pity you can sing and accompany yourself on an instrument, H – that’d be something, wouldn’t it?!
    PFUH !
    A very sweet song; and I can see how much pleasure it must give you (although it’s a great shame you can’t write songs) …
    As you’re now officially outed, do I continue to call you ‘H’ ?
    X !


    • Kinda-Sorta. Like everything else I do. But I do enjoy it. 🙂

      Lots of people do and did long before this blogging thing so keep on keeping on. I did tell you when you asked me my name that it was on my blog if you knew where to find it.

      You’re up late for a library day. Did it go well?


      • Yesterday. It did – very well. But I’m not going to seek to do any more. I have one author-gathering next month up in the Blue Mountains – a kind of mini writers’ festival – and that’s it for me. I’m tired of having to deal with a lot of inefficient organisers.
        You did tell me that, but I’m a narfwit.
        Thanks for asking, H !!! 🙂


        • Yes, sorry. I replied last night but it went as a new comment rather than as a nested reply so you wouldn’t have received a notification. (I wondered why you weren’t talking to me….) Having just realised what I’d done, I deleted that one and posted the comment again as a direct reply but forgot about the bit at the end that was no longer relevant!

          Glad it went well. Mm. I am not surprised at the inefficiency. I find library folk to be a bit like council people. They don’t do things the easy way nor do they do them in a timely manner.


            • I didn’t really. I figured you’d gone to bed. Like sensible people. Who can then compose a sensible comment. Who is not me this week. If I were you, I would ignore 90% of anything I have said in the past, oh… 4 weeks at least…. at a guess.


              • It’s OK. You’re managing well. And that doesn’t mean I don’t understand what’s going on in your head, either; it means only that under the circ.s you’re holding up.
                X !

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  3. Good morning, MoSY. It’s so funny how things come to our attention in pairs…or threes. Just the other day I listened to a long interview on NPR with Jake Shimabukuro, the Jimi Hendrix of the ukulele, and was so surprised at the incredible versatility of the instrument. Do you know of him? Lovely song and voice, you have.


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  5. You are a Jack of all trades and far more acomplished than this Jack.
    I sat quietly and savoured your song I listened to the words, accompaniment and the vocal.
    I relaxed meditative state and enjoyed.
    This is what I call restful mood music.
    Ok Jake Shimabukuro is fantastic but I enjoyed The Sun Is Waiting so much more.
    Perhaps it is because it was sung from the heart with no sophisticated technology helping it.
    The world my not have discovered you but I am pleased I have. _/\_

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