Would The Real Me Please Stand Up

Who is that?

Look what I was given the other day. I love it!

There’s only one problem.

If I’m going to be myself, then I’m going to need to know who that is.

I have mentioned on this blog before (ad nauseum – my apologies) that there are many facets to Me.

But which one is the real me?

Is it Mathematics Teacher Me who has never taught a mathematics class? Frankly, differential calculus gives me hives these days.

Is it Musician Me who has never passed a music exam? What am I saying? I’ve never even sat a music exam.

Is it Illustrator Me who does those ridiculous drawings for this blog? Cough. Er… no. Definitely not that one. She’s completely made up.

Is it Scientist Me who despite having a degree in the subject, hasn’t done Science for almost 30 years and wouldn’t know Quantum Physics if Schrödinger’s Cat landed on her head?

Is it Writer Me who has never had so much as a short story published? Pfft. I’ve never even had a letter to the editor published.

So, if I’m going to be myself, who is that exactly?

You’re going to tell me they’re all the Real Me, aren’t you? You’re going to tell me that this Jack of All Trades persona is who I really am, right?

You’re being singularly unhelpful. Or even multiplarly unhelpful.

will be myself. I promise. Just as soon as I figure out who that is.



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17 thoughts on “Would The Real Me Please Stand Up

  1. Hmmm…. you know, if I had to decide which one you were, I don’t think I could make a decision either. You have so many lovely sides and so many talented sides, why should you choose just one? Let’s just go with whatever WHO you want to be at a given time!

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  2. I commence to believe that if you were less good at a shitload of stuff, you’d stop being full of angst about who you are.
    Personally, I think you’re terrific, and I’ve never even met you !!!!
    XXX !

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  3. Heather, you are “really good” at writing blogs. Stop worrying about who you are. I think everyone has different sides to them that they show to different people at different times – your’e not alone.



  4. Everything everyone else has already said. But I’ve also come to the conclusion that if you’ve got kids, you lose track for a while. When they’re independent, you’ll remember the person you wanted to be years ago, and it won’t necessarily have anything to do with what you can DO. Not very helpful, am I.


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