Go Ahead. Tell Me There’s No Climate Change

Photo: Christie Panozzo

Photo: Christie Panozzo

Welcome to Australia, folks! Land of snow in unexpected places.

Admittedly, that photo was taken in Ballarat. It gets cold in Ballarat. Not usually this cold but, yeah, cold. Ish.

But this one:

Photo: Quentin Kelly

Photo: Quentin Kelly

That’s in Lorne. Lorne is a seaside town. It doesn’t often get snow as a rule.

So (if you’re not from around here and subscribe to the Oz stereotype), you’re probably thinking, “Well, there goes that Aussie beach holiday we were thinking of taking.”

Not a problem. Come in summer. We don’t get snow in summer. Not even on our highest mountain.

It’s hot in summer. In fact, last year was our hottest year ever.

Of course, if you come in summer, you’ll have to contend with the bushfires. Apparently, they’ve been getting more intense and more frequent lately. It’s so bad in some places, it makes the phrase “making a tree-change” sound like a death-wish.


Black Saturday Bushfires. Source: Herald Sun

According to our government, of course, this is all normal. Carry on, folks. Nothing to see here.

They’re so not worried about it, they’ve just removed our ‘price on carbon’ mechanism that was actually reducing carbon emissions. That, you know, contribute to climate change. That, you know, is changing the Earth’s climate. That, you know, causes more bushfires, snow in strange places, floods, hurricanes, stuff like that.

But not to worry. Hotter summers means more time in the ol’ Speedos, right?

The Australian Prime Minister

The Australian Prime Minister


what me worry



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36 thoughts on “Go Ahead. Tell Me There’s No Climate Change

  1. After I shivered and trembled at the sight of sn……..(can’t say it), I LOL’d at your Australian polar vortex. Then I Ewww’d at the Speed-o. Ewww. Anyhow, there is climate change all over. Snow in the south during winter is becoming more usual than unusual. I’m just glad we are still in the throes of summer and wish it would last another three months. It is never long enough.


    • Yes, I thought I might get a few laughs from our North American cousins. 😀 That’s okay. We laugh at the Poms when they complain it’s too hot and it’s only 30 deg C. It’s all relative, I guess. What was even crazier is that the day before the snow, it was 18 deg C. Does your head in.


    • Whereas I detest summer more than I can say: in Sydney the humidity is obscene. One sweats and drips all day, and then sits down to watch terrifying coverage of bushfires on the telly at night.


  2. The naysayers to global climate change make me crazy. The polar ice caps are melting and there is scary extreme weather occurring everywhere … but apparently spewing tons of toxic matter into the air every minute of every day isn’t a cause for alarm. How sad.


  3. Love it, H !!!! – it sums up in simple terms the madness with which we’re being … directed (only word I’m prepared to use, as ‘governed’ is totally unacceptable) under this regime. TROWC will stop at nothing for its friends: the frightful part is that it will do only terrible things for the rest of us.


  4. Your photos tell the story perfectly and the final one–icing on the cake. I also wanted to say I am really liking the changes on the blog!!


  5. I spoke to our illustrious leader about climate change a few years back in relation to a coal mine going into our town’s back yard (which I did a post on today crowds) and he gave me very short shrift preferring the safety of the back bar with the boys. He made it clear then that a) he had no time for women and b) was a climate change denyer. If only he was a sceptic the country would have had some chance – no I take that back the country has no chance under a man such as he.


  6. Meanwhile California is under historic drought conditions with burst water mains from an aging infrastructure shooting millions of gallons of precious water up in the air. My brother lives in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and we have always feared him getting burned out by the wildfires. But no, In September came just the opposite: historic, unprecedented flooding and their town of Lyons was almost washed away. It’s the extremes that worry me so.


    • Drove me mad when you Northerners were suffering under the polar vortex last winter and right-wing commentators kept saying “See, there’s no global warming. Look how cold it is!” I shouted “Ignoramuses!!!” at the television a lot. That’s why scientists try and use the phrase ‘climate change’ instead these days. And it is changing. These extreme events are only going to get worse. We had massive bushfires last year in October.


  7. It often snows in Ballarat, but I’ve not heard of snow at Lorne before. The first time I ever saw snow was at Hamilton in the 1960s, a very rare event indeed. By the way Mosy, those touted heat records are only dated from records kept since 1910 – so ‘hottest year since 1910’ would be accurate, not ‘ever’. Just saying. 😀


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