At Least I’m Not Bored

I’ve been looking at changing the look of my blog – new theme and all that. What?! It’s been nearly a year. I’m surprised I’ve waited this long.

It’s ridiculously addictive. I’ve been messing about on my test blog (can’t have chaos on the actual blog – not theme chaos anyway, written chaos is another matter entirely) and I think I’ve almost worked out what I want to do.

I’ve got a lot more work before it all goes live, though.

My blogger mate M-R recently came up with a handy-dandy, nifty-…er…shifty (wait, does that work?) ‘search by category with lovely pictures‘ thingy for her blog and I am so going to steal that idea.

But it’s going to take time. Housework will not figure largely in my life for the duration. (“Oh, that’s too bad.” Yes, thank you for your sympathy. You’re very kind.) And I may need to be offline for a bit. But not for a while. Probably.

Just warning you.



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19 thoughts on “At Least I’m Not Bored

  1. And now at least some of your readers will be rolling their eyes and saying to their partners “WOT ? – she’s prepared to do THAT ??? She must be bonkers !” [grin]
    But *I* like comments like Sasha’s: fill me with enthoooosiasm ! [grin]
    Listen – if anything goes pear-shaped, scream, OK ? – I don’t THINK I wrote anything hopeless … in fact I’m pretty sure … but if something doesn’t add up, I’m here, H !


    • Thanks, M-R. Your instructions were very clear. Danke schön. I’ve had some aaaargh moments but it has more to do with the theme than the process. I found a work around but it means sacrificing something else (unless I can work out how to put it back in) so I’m currently mulling over whether I’m happy with that or whether to find a different theme. Urgh.


        • You would think so but I wasn’t thinking. :/
          It truncates the posts on the front page which I kind of like but didn’t follow through on the thought that it would then truncate the sticky thus rendering the table invisible without opening the post. Duh!
          I can put it as a page (which actually works better from a navigation point of view) but then I don’t get the posts running underneath which I think I still want.
          Anyhoo, I shall play some more and try some other themes (I have…oh, so many….)


          • If you make it a page, you have to make your blogsite one that opens on a fixed page, right ? – and then you must make another for your actual blog. Meaning that the blog has a different URL. While you could certainly put home links at the end of every post back to the ‘menu’ page, that would readers are OBLIGED to use the menu rather than having the choice of using it or just scrolling down.
            No: a sticky post is much, much, much better !
            I have spoken.


              • I love doing that ! – previewing theme after theme. 🙂
                I just have to be really careful not to hit ‘activate’ instead of ‘cancel’ when I don’t like what I see ! Because when I do that (and I have, several times), I have to reactivate my extant theme and then go back to my CSS revisions and reinstall the right ones. Sighh …


  2. My God….I just got going on all this and now everyone’s changing their themes, etc. I’m never going to keep up with you lot! But I very much look forward to the new look….I’m storing information in my brain for when I hit the point of being “bored” with my blog and want to revamp!


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