On Being A Bitser

One downside to being a Jack of All Trades is the constant feeling of not really being good at anything. Not properly good. Not expert-like. Master of none and all that.

Of course, that’s generally because a Jack of All Trades has a tendency to get bored with a thing after a while and want to move onto the next new shiny thing. If we can pick it up and do it kind of instantly, we’re happy. If it looks like it’s going to take years of constant practice to master, forget it.

No one to blame but ourselves.

A Jack of All Trades has an arsenal of Kinda-Sorta skills.

I’ve always been envious of people who can say with utter conviction, “I am a….”. Singer, runner, welder, clown, whatever it may be, they are clearly it. And a bit.

As a Jack of All Trades, I’m not an It And A Bit, I’m a Bit And A Bit. A bitserย of the talent world.


Bitzer from Shaun The Sheep

But there’s this: I never get bored. Whatever’s happening in my life, I’ve got some sort of interest or skill to fall back on. Active Me likes to go for a run, a ride, or a row, to climb tall mountains and walk ridiculously long distances. Artisticย Me likes to sing, play, draw, act or write. Analytical Me likes to read science blogs and mess about on computers (and gets a small thrill out of realising that today’s date makes a mathematical sum: 7+7=14).

I’ve never entered a fun run, written a novel or developed an app. But I’ve completed Oxfam Trailwalker twice (foolish), maintained a blog for nearly a year (miracle) and set up an online booking system for our theatre company website even though I had no idea what I was doing (mystery).

Sometimes success is not so much in the skills we possess but in the willingness to give it a go, regardless.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to work on a song that started out on the piano, moved to the guitar and I am now trying out on the banjo. None of which I can play reallyย but I Kinda-Sorta can. And that’s enough for this bitser.

Now that is an instrument designed for a Jack of All Trades.

Now that is an instrument designed for a Jack of All Trades.



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24 thoughts on “On Being A Bitser

  1. “Sometimes success is not so much in the skills we possess but in the willingness to give it a go, regardless.”

    I can relate. Big time. A dabbler, try this, master that (more or less) and move on…

    Here’s something to consider: it’s the end of days… the zombies are just over the hill… who would rather have on your team? – someone who rocked them at the opera house, or someone who knows a bit about just about anything needed to deal with the crisis.


  2. Huge fun, you bitser ! So many of us are like that – we cannot truthfully describe ourselves as anything at all. These days I lays claim to being a blogger; and surely you can do that too ? ๐Ÿ™‚


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