Why Vegetable Gardening Really BUGS Me


I love to grow my own vegetables. Well. Hm. Honestly? I like the idea of growing my own vegetables. The reality is less inspiring.

I’ve had several attempts at veggie plots. It’s fun. For a while. Before the drought. Or the cabbage moths. Or the birds.

I love putting in all the new seedlings and watching them start to grow.


A garden of hopeful aspiration.

It gets pretty exciting when the flowers – that you just know are going to turn into something very edible eventually – start appearing.

Then, for some reason, it always goes wrong.

If I have a green thumb, it’s khaki.



Caterpillar hunting.



Something went wrong.

Lack of water/nutrients/mulching/some unknown factor that I’m supposed to know about but don’t.


I’m pretty sure carrots are not supposed to look like that.


I did at least get some produce this year. Some of my plants were actually thriving before nature interceded.


A few are still hanging in there.


Would anyone like a celery stick?



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9 thoughts on “Why Vegetable Gardening Really BUGS Me

  1. Haha, I have not attempted a garden for fear my luck would turn out like yours! Glad you did get a few good crops! 🙂


    • I think I got enough to make it feel worthwhile. The tomatoes were the most disappointing. I’d had dreams of sauces and chutneys and in the end there was barely enough for a bowl of pasta Napolitano. But I have piles of celery sticks to look forward to. :/


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