Life In The Oncoming Traffic


Sorry. I haven’t posted for a while. Possibly because my life is basically insane right now.

Most of it comes from my inability to use a certain word friends have tried for years to train me to say. I know it has two letters and I’m pretty sure it starts with N but that’s as far as I’ve got.

Why is my life insane? Well, I have three boys for a start. That should be enough right there. Send in your sympathy cards.

But that’s never enough craziness for me.

I’m currently rehearsing for a play. It opens on Thursday night and runs for three weekends.

I’m also training for a 100km walk to raise money for Oxfam. That starts a week from Friday and I hope to cross the finish line sometime on the Saturday morning.

“Hang on. Doesn’t that mean you’ve got both things on at once?”

Oh, well done! Give that reader a prize!

Yes, on the second weekend I will be walking Friday and Saturday and then performing on the Sunday. If I can walk. Or even if I can’t. (There’s no understudy.)

Let’s hope the local theatre critic doesn’t decide to come that Sunday.

So, I suspect there will not be many blog posts between now and about mid to late May when it’s all over. And I’ve had time to sleep for a week. Which I can’t. Because boys.

“This isn’t life in the fast lane, it’s life in the oncoming traffic.” – Terry Pratchett



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