The Geometry of Being

What shape are you? I don’t mean if you’re fat or thin, if you’re shaped like an apple or a pear or even a banana. I’m talking geometry.

Are you a circle, surrounding those you know with love and care?


Are you a square with firm boundaries?


Are you a parallelogram with firm boundaries but with an off-kilter aspect to you?


Are you a triangle with very pointed ideas?


Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones and you’re a three dimensional shape – a cylinder, sphere or pyramid, larger than life, standing out from the crowd.


Or perhaps you’re one of those ‘calculate the area of the circle’ shapes of a circle inside a square or a square inside a circle.
You feel like one shape inside while showing another shape to the outside world.

Circle in square

My shape?

It changes.

Sometimes I feel like an icosagon with so many sides to me, it confuses people.


Sometimes I feel like an infinitesimal dot – or at least I try to be one and hide from the world.


Sometimes I don’t manage to be a geometric shape at all. That’s when things are a little crazy.


So, what shape are you?



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