Parking Karma – The Secret to Happy Car Parking


I’ve discovered Parking Karma. It’s the answer to stress-free parking.

It came about in the lead up to Christmas last year. That time of year when every shopping centre carpark resembles the M25 at Armageddon*, with cars driving in endless circles in the vain hope of an empty space (assuming they’re moving at all).

I decided I wasn’t going to buy into the whole manic consumer scene this time. As I drove into the carpark that first day, I stayed calm. I let other cars into the line rather than dashing across and blocking their path. I waited patiently for pedestrians to cross in front of me and smiled at them rather than wave my hands in frustration. I hummed to myself a cheery little tune, prepared to take all day to park if it were necessary.

It wasn’t. I turned the first corner and there it was. An empty space, with orderly parked cars either side, a tiny distance from the shopping centre entrance. Did I race for it to ensure nobody beat me there? No I did not. I drove sedately toward the space, completely unencumbered by any fellow parkees, and calmly parked  my car.

This scene was to be repeated throughout the pre-Christmas rush, the post-Christmas sales, the New Year frenzy and the summer holiday madness. Every time, I was calm, polite and patient. And every time, I found a parking space quickly and in a good location.

So next time you’re feeling stressed about finding a park, take a deep breath, sing a happy little ditty to yourself and be prepared to wait for whatever amount of time it might take to find a parking space. You won’t have to wait long. Trust me – I’m a blogger, I know stuff.

*Read Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. You won’t regret it.



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